Fishing pier, senior center, Highway 99 among beneficiaries in just-passed state budget

Repairs to the Edmonds Fishing Pier are (Photo by David Carlos)
Repairs to the Edmonds Fishing Pier are included in the just-passed state budget. (Photo by David Carlos)

Edmonds got good news from Olympia this week, in the form of approved funding for numerous enhancements and safety improvements to the city, the city said in an announcement Thursday morning.

While Gov. Jay Inslee signed the General Fund Operating Budget late Tuesday night, averting a state government shut-down, the Legislature passed both a capital budget and a transportation revenue bill “that will greatly benefit Edmonds,” the city said.

“Although final companion measures related to the state budget are still being wrapped up, the Legislature’s bipartisan work came together in the end to address many local and regional concerns,” the announcement added.

Highlights for Edmonds include:
• Over $2.8 million for Parks and Recreation, which will facilitate acquisition of Civic Field, rehabilitation of the Edmonds Fishing Pier and other parks enhancements.
• Funding for major transportation projects, including $10 million for major safety, capacity and aesthetic enhancement of Highway 99 and $500,000 for the at-grade railway crossings alternatives analysis along the Edmonds waterfront.
• $250,000 for repairs to the leaky roof at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.
• $1.25 million for the redevelopment of the Edmonds Senior Center – a keystone in helping leverage additional grant funding.
• $634,000 for a stormwater filtration project at Meadowdale Park to reduce peaks flows, erosion and pollutants in Perrinville Creek, a tributary of Puget Sound.

“For anyone who lives or works in Edmonds, as well as for our many visitors, these State allocations will make possible very welcome enhancements to our community,” said Mayor Dave Earling. “For their tireless work over the last few months, I wish to publicly thank our dedicated members of the Legislature who serve us in the 21st and 32nd districts.”

The Legislature also passed legislation enabling local cities to raise the vehicle license tab fee from $20 up to $40 per year to fund local Transportation Benefit Districts (TBD), with the intent to fund local transportation needs, including street maintenance and pavement repair, the city noted.

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  1. I am more than willing to pay an extra $20 for the necessary street overlays and other transportation improvements for our city.


  2. The $20 would generate more than $500,000 in revenue for badly needed street overlays. And city council has the authority to implement it, so it cannot be stopped by any misguided voters.


  3. To generate adequate funding for streets it is necessary to have a revenue stream of about $1.5m and for the average homeowner that is about $90 per year. That will give us the funds to have a plan to resurface residential streets once every 30 years and arterials about once every 18 years. So $20 per vehicle falls way short of the needed $1.5m. But $20 is a start.


  4. The City Council won’t spend it on necessities, but rather on boondoggle exhibited by Sunset, Main street, 5-Corner roundabout disasters, fancy cross-walks no one uses, etc. For some reason, progressive politicos, like those on planning and city councils, never spend extra money on necessities…like repaving first, etc…

    The revenue stream already exists! More is not needed…Spend more wisely…Inslee is not known for his financial acuity about budgets; in fact, he is not known for much except the typical, sycophant, progressive parroting of more taxes, higher gas prices, more, more….

    Politicos need something to point at with their overblown sanctimonious egos…forming a circular self-congratulatory, back slapping, group…its getting near election time…and Inslee is greasing the revenue stream…

    It is so much fun spending other peoples’ money!!!


  5. The projects mentioned cover multiple years and the Edmonds funding for these projects would not make much of a dent in the need for $1.5m per year for roads. If Edmonds did not contribute to these projects and therefor get the grant money, the State and Federal moneys would go somewhere else and would not be available for our roads.


  6. while i am NOT pushing for “socialism”, at least not as most people think of it!

    i would like to remind everyone concerned about how/where the funding is spent – who receives the money for what benefit(s) to the masses…

    that money is coming from EVERY taxpayer in the state, rich, poor or somewhere in the middle as well as visitors/tourists – not only the people that reside in the area and will feel the benefits. so don’t complain that the state’s taxes are too high and that we have to pay for projects in some tiny corner of the state

    Also –

    love it or hate it, our capitalist economy is structured so as to be dependent on inflation, i.e. the federal reserve dollar ALWAYS worth less, hence the constant need for always more $$$$$$$$$$$ by governments as well as citizens (including big monopolistic businesses)

    while there are pockets of people working together for common cause, fundamental to The Global Economy is the win by few, lose by more philosophy

    So –

    whomever the lawmakers decide to gift with our tax dollars, remember – what is fluff and waste to someone is bread and butter to someone else


  7. Just think, if the City Administration was ethical, then the ~2 million settlement and other boondoggles would be avoided and instead of paying millions in lawyer fees many of these projects could be funded.


  8. I long for a better world, where chickens can cross the road without their motives being questioned…


  9. Yes, and on this great celebration of our nation and all that it has stood for as a beacon of democracy around the world, we should be celebrating those that question the chickens that have crossed the road in our history! Thank goodness there are those that have dared to ask questions of some of those chickens…….. “better world” ?? I guess for some where no questions are asked …..Again, Wow!…….In my opinion, sounds like Russia…dont ask…..dont question, dont say anything……


    1. People are not objecting to appropriate questions; often it is appropriate to question the administration and elected officials. What some of us are objecting to is the constant hurling of wild assertions and accusations before any answers have been properly sought.


  10. Mr. Wambolt, I have been a resident of Edmonds for all of 6 weeks and from what I have been through with the City Administration there is no such thing as a wild accusation with them. I have addressed the Department of Developmental Services with a Land clearing complaint and get told the Developer has an “Exemption”, I address the City Council and request redress as our Constitution allows, and I get deft ears. I show where the City Council on July 5, 2004 passed ECDC 18.45.35 to address an inconsistency with administration procedures of Land Clearing permits and where the department head states this still requires the developer to follow the requirements of the chapter and they still say the Developer is exempt. Now I have tens of thousands of dollars of damages and the City Administration WILL NOT ENFORCE THE LAW. Go look at 232nd and Edmonds Way, it is completely out of code and all I get is stonewalling from the city and a “sue us” mentality. Has there not been enough lawsuits over the last 10 or so years?


  11. Mr. Blomenkamp – I am very sorry that your personal property has been damaged within weeks of your move to Edmonds.

    When it comes to seeing that all laws and ordinances are faithfully enforced and that law and order is maintained in the City of Edmonds –our code is very clear. Ordinance 2349 requires the Mayor to do this. When our Mayors fail to do what is required of them, citizens of Edmonds can be harmed.

    Citizens can also be harmed when the City choses to break laws or “push the issue” due to its perception of “liability issues”.

    As I have stated for years – An ethical City does not push the issue by taking illegal action against an innocent citizen to reduce the City’s perceived liability exposure.

    I hope citizens will rally to support you.


  12. Oh….and one more point – I also fear that our City Administration can at times prioritize development over State and City laws. My fear is based on former Mayor Gary Haakenson’s comments in a November 3, 2009 email to a former Edmonds resident:

    “As for the construction easement being offered to a private party, I believe the Council issued the easement for the public good in that the construction of homes is in the public interest and benefit and in fact, that action is one of the City’s duties per our charter.”

    I believe this to be an incredible, dangerous comment. The statement is even more disturbing when one considers the fact that the City has been a noncharter Code City since at least 1/1/1971 pursuant to Ordinance 1513. There is no such duty under an imaginary City Charter.


  13. Ken ,at that time the growth management act required every city to meet predetermined growth projections in order to maintain certain tax advantages. You could find volumes on the topic if you goggle Growth management act.


  14. Thanks Dave – I am familiar with the Growth Management Act and know it to be much different than a make believe City Charter with so called duties. Even if one wants to make a huge stretch and assume the former Mayor was referring to the Growth Management Act in his email as opposed to “our charter”, the Growth Management Act certainly does not allow the City of Edmonds to violate State and City laws in promoting the construction of homes.

    The City has established an alarming precedent of retaining an easement on one private property owner’s property specifically for the benefit of another private property owner. In my case the City violated laws to do so, including the failure to request and obtain the easement grant required under ECDC 20.70.140.A.3.b.

    Neither an imaginary City Charter nor the Growth Management Act allow the City of Edmonds to violate State and City laws in promoting the construction of homes.


  15. Everyone here should be able to agree that the law is for everyone to follow, and if the majority disagree with a law then go through the process and change it. This includes the City Government. Have the public discussion and make the change. This goes for special interests and development. In my case the Edmonds City Development Code is clear regarding land clearing for a development, ECDC 18.45.070.H.3 states you cannot excavate within a diameter of 1′ for ever 1″ of tree diameter. Simply I have 4 trees that by city ordinance should not have been allowed to have excavation done within 21′ of them. It was done within 2′ of them, ripping out their roots and now requiring their removal. Drive along Edmonds Way at 232nd and you can see the damage at the back of the property being developed. Te law is for everyone, not for the City Government to turn their head to when they feel like it.


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