Letter to Editor: Dave Somers campaign continues to mislead public



How long will the Dave Somers campaign continue to mislead the public about fiscal responsibility? It is disappointing to me that in his position as council chair he has either not read the County Charter or is choosing to distort it for political gain. Section 2.2 – Powers of the Council, the Charter clearly states; “To levy taxes, appropriate revenue and adopt budgets for the county.” In Section 3.2 Powers and Duties of the Executive the Charter states; “Prepare and present to the county council a proposed budget and a budget message setting forth proposals for the county during the next fiscal year.”

Section 6 spells out the budget adoption process. It requires the Executive to deliver a proposed budget and then requires to council to adopt a budget. The council has the power to toss the Executive’s proposals out and start over. While the council is not allowed to spend more than the projected revenue they are allowed change the revenue projection. That’s a little like the council printing money.

In 2006 the voters added accountability language requiring a quarterly report from the Executive and giving the council more power to adjust the budget. NO where in our Charter does the Executive have authority to spend down reserves without council approval.

I have known John Lovick for twenty years and served in elected office along side him. He is one of the most honest and capable leaders I have served with. He has my vote and deserves yours.

Mike Cooper

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  1. …….sometimes one profession doesnt carry over…….proofs in the pudding………Im throwing my vote the way of Dave Sommers…..


  2. I just had to comment. This is the day that I thought would never come…the day that I actually agree with Tere Ryder. There appears to be a lot of similarities between the way Lovick and Cooper approach their government jobs.


  3. I really do not have a strong opinion of the candidates, and know little about either of them, but I see no concrete examples from Lovick’s opponents to give me a reason to vote for Somers.

    “….sometimes one profession doesnt carry over…….proofs in the pudding…” – “There appears to be a lot of similarities between the way Lovick and Cooper approach their government jobs.” – “ditto” – “ditto ditto” and “ditto, ditto ditto”, are not persuasive arguments, but merely innuendos.


    1. I’ll give you just a couple of reasons why I will not be voting for Lovick. When he was appointed to his position he quickly replaced his deputy, Gary Haakenson, with a friend of his from law enforcement – someone he was comfortable with rather than retaining someone who complemented his skills and who was widely recognized for having demonstrated great competence in the job. Secondly, the department heads at the county had reported to Gary. Lovick decided that his new deputy couldn’t handle that responsibility, so he created a new level of management (several executive directors) to whom the department heads now report.


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