Now on video: Interview with former Edmonds Parks Board member Bill Phillips, and his work to put parks on waterfront

In April 2015, former Edmonds Parks Board member Bill Phillips led a group of more than a dozen interested citizens on a tour of Edmonds’ waterfront parks, a legacy he played a key role in shaping during his 20 years on the Parks Board during the 1960s and ’70s. While reporter Larry Vogel wrote a story about that tour here, My Edmonds News wanted to capture the 92-year-old Phillips’ recollections about the parks board’s efforts on video, so we brought the two of them into our downtown Edmonds studio for this interview.

For example, Phillips noted that the land that is now Brackett’s Landing was formerly home to a shingle mill, and how he and others worked with the shingle mill interests to acquire the land for a park.

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