Crank promises to bring ‘core values of working middle class’ to Edmonds City Council

Alicia Crank speaks to supporters at Scott's Bar and Grill.
Alicia Crank speaks to supporters at Scott’s Bar and Grill.

Alicia Crank kicked off her campaign for Edmonds City Council Position 5 Wednesday evening in front a small but enthusiastic gathering of supporters at Scott’s Restaurant. Crank, a first-time candidate, will face another newcomer to Edmonds politics, Dave Teitzel, for the position currently held by Councilmember Joan Bloom.

Crank recently relocated to Edmonds from Mountain View, Calif., and immediately began serving her new community by joining the Sister City Commission. When the opportunity came up to run for council, she jumped right in.

“I love Edmonds,” she said. “It reminds me of my old home, and I see it facing many of the same issues Mountain View faced a decade ago. It really feels like déjà vu. Issues like housing affordability, growing population, building heights, major development decisions and more. I’ve been here before, I know what works, and I know what doesn’t.”

tn_DSC_1485Crank said she would take a fresh look at development patterns, which would include focusing on transit corridors as an opportunity to develop housing solutions for a range of income levels. “There’s no question that more housing will be needed, and we should look at increasing density on the transit corridors and not in the downtown core,” she said. “This also gives the opportunity to create more affordable housing and help reverse the trend of lower-income people being priced out of Edmonds.”

Along with this, she said she would strongly support a major effort to bring enhanced green building practices to Edmonds. “Coming from the Silicon Valley, I’ve worked with the latest cutting-edge green building practices that could be incorporated here to the benefit of all,” she said.

She also stressed the importance of seizing the opportunity to make Edmonds a destination. “People are continually passing through Edmonds for our many events and festivals,” she said. We need to provide more incentives to keep them here for dining, lodging, and enjoying our parks and beaches. By changing the conversation to Destination Edmonds, and creating a synergy between our events and our downtown retailers, we can boost our local businesses and broaden our economic base.”

Alicia Crank with Edmonds City Council President Adrienne Fraley-Monillas.
Alicia Crank with Edmonds City Council President Adrienne Fraley-Monillas.

Speaking in support of Crank, 32nd District Democrats Chair Carin Chase stressed that Crank has a broad focus that includes all citizens of Edmonds, “not just those in the Bowl.”

Edmonds City Council President Adrienne Fraley-Monillas also voiced her strong support. “Alicia is the right person at the right time for city council,” she said. “She has great values and a great history, understands the needs of the working middle class, and I look forward to serving with her on council.”

You can learn more at the Alicia Crank for City Council website and Facebook Page and on her LinkedIn page.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel


20 Replies to “Crank promises to bring ‘core values of working middle class’ to Edmonds City Council”

  1. Evidently Council President Fraley-Monillas will not be satisfied until our non-partisan (by law) city council consists of an abundance of active members of the democratic party and participants in the labor unions.


  2. In my opinion, because the city council is non-partisan, it doesn’t make a difference to me which party a council member belongs to as long as he or she does the job well and in the best interests of all the citizens of Edmonds. Would Mr. Wamboldt prefer all Republicans? Green Party members? All non-union supporters? What is your insinuation?


    1. Insinuation? I thought that my comment was quite clear and unambiguous. I know that it’s wishful thinking, but I would like to see the best qualified candidates become councilmembers. For Ms. Fraley-Monillas the democratic candidate is automatically the better candidate.


    1. How about her support (a contribution) of Mike Cooper for mayor even after his involvement in the Debi Humann fiasco was known. How about her support of the appointment of Mike Nelson when there were several more qualified applicants. How about her support of Alicia Crank who not only just moved to our city, but also just moved to our state.

      I’m certain that I could come up with more examples, but that’s all of the time that I’m going to devote to this response.`


  3. Well Mr. Wambolt , is it any great surprise to you that after 33 years of me working with people who have developmental disabilities and people who have mental illness for the Department of Social and Health Services that I would gravitate towards people with my same ideals ?

    I gravitate and support those who care about : children, seniors, disabled, mentally ill, the poor, latch key kids, homeless, people of differences, schools, people sleeping in cars and under bushes, the middle class, single parents, religious freedom, affordable housing, affordable daycare, insufficient health care, seniors that must continue to work to survive, the abused, those with no food, safety in the work place, keeping children out of sweat shops, human working conditions ? Basically, the marginalized in our society.

    Is that not part of our job as elected members of our city to represent all?

    We can’t all live in Woodway during our careers and then retire to a penthouse off 5th avenue with spectacular water views in Edmonds like you have been so fortunate enough to enjoy.
    I would think you should care for and support people who need our help?

    You support your candidates for your reasons and I’ll support mine for my reasons. I just happen to think my reasons help us all make Edmonds a better place.

    (And PS your chosen candidate lived in Woodway until 2-3 years ago and then moved to Edmonds) Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black?.


    1. With all due respect Ms Monillas, we certainly have not seen this here……We’re still waiting for some real action on these important issues, real affordable housing, mentally ill people off the streets, public safety for all, basic, basic infrastructure for our town, ethical standards for all government employees and staff ( including those “Ed” people), separation of church and state, wise use of public tax dollars, ethical and honest grant application and use, no cronyism, ..and that would be just be a partial list of “representing all”…….I dont care if Democrat or Republican, I just do not see here in this town this government representing all……….I see just the opposite. I see undermining of the democratic process, empty rhetoric, unfullfilled promises, and support of the few at a cost to the many. With all due respect Ms Monillas, the general public here really did not just fall off the turnip truck.

      I see a government stuck in the past history of Edmonds and so enmeshed that only a few seem to be represented……and too many not represented at all.

      Lets SEE some REAL TRANSPARENT representation for all……………..Lets see an honest government……not more of the same. With the exception of maybe two Council members, this government including the Mayor doesnt even feel the need to respond to many, many private citizens grievances………..responding to very big injustices done to some of our citizens including being unfair and the breaking of laws, rules and regulations…..

      .no one should need to mount big law suits to get a city to follow rules, laws and regulations and act fairly………


  4. Adrienne Mr Wombolt can live anywhere he pleases and if he has a place with a good view good for him that has nothing to to with who is running and the issues this person who is running hasnt lived here plan and simple this is a dog eat dog city and unless you know what really goes on Im not certain you should be running thats what I think


    1. WHERE a person lives in this city, and particularly if white, more money, etc…..not referring to any previous commenters……has everything to do with our government and following laws, non discrimination, etc. and business here…..lenders, real estate, banks, development, planers, etc.

      The recent reaffirmation of our Supreme Court regarding SEGREGATION and housing in communities across our country continuing for the past 30 years has again been ruled against the law….. AGAIN! This didn’t just happen here because all of the white “privledged” decided to live here in a certain area, and not the “other Edmonds” area which our current Mayor referred to a while back.

      The new Supreme Court ruling also applies to banks and how and who they loan to for housing and where

      Perhaps Ms. Crank can address this issue in regards to new housing coming up in Edmonds and how she feels about the Supreme Court reaffirmation of our law and the idea of a fully integrated community for all of Edmonds in all of Edmonds

      and if our city was not breaking laws, they would not be settling lawsuits and wasting tax payers time and $$$$ regarding this.

      Question those who think it is okay and fine to skirt or not follow laws of the land. …’s not about “nastiness”……we’re all expected to follow the laws of our land……again . its about being civilised and FAIR

      I’ve lived long enough to know now that some times you can’t believe everything you see and perhaps Ms. Crank will address the segregation that we see in this city


  5. Who is attacking people? I only read letters giving opinions and asking questions. Who is name calling?


  6. It would be nice, and frankly it is nice, that we are seeing a new person in the Edmonds political scene. These tired old arguments are just that: tired. Ms. Crank lives in Edmonds (so when and how she arrived here is relevant how? she is one of us), she has taken on running for elected office, and endorsed by Ms. Fraley Monillas or not, certainly comes with her own perspective and ideas. I would like to hear more from her, since she is the one person running who truly is not burdened at all by the old political scene in Edmonds. I look forward to hearing what Ms. Crank has to say and feel confident others do to.


  7. Our elected officials are behaving like kids in this comments section.

    This is exactly why I want less government in Edmonds.


    1. I am new to reading My Edmonds News; I really appreciate that we can read what our elected officials are really thinking. Matt Richardson, yes, less government and more professional actions. I would hope that any City Council candidate would represent “all” the people of Edmonds, the marginalized citizens, as well as the successful citizens. This forum is a wonderful place to get ideas circulated; but, I might suggest that the comments are re- read by the authors and wait a good 5 minutes so that your blood pressure goes down before posting.


  8. I had the privilege of meeting with City Council Candidate Alicia Crank Sunday evening. I was impressed by her passion for open and transparent government. Ms. Crank stated that she deeply values public input and that she is committed to listening to the voice of the citizens on an ongoing basis. My gut feel was that she was not simply expressing popular political buzz words. To the contrary, I felt that her words were extremely sincere, heartfelt – and that she would work diligently on behalf of the citizens she represents.

    I appreciate that she wants to bring a fresh vision to Edmonds. We discussed parts of city government history – such as the history of City Council being told false, misleading and/or incomplete information before some of its votes. We had a good conversation. I felt positive about the future as I left the meeting.

    I have met with her opponent Dave Teitzel. I was impressed with Mr. Teitzel also.

    I hope to meet with both candidates again as I continue to determine who to vote for.

    Four years ago I changed my mind about a vote late in the process and I am very thankful that I stayed engaged with the process up to the point I cast my ballot.

    I greatly appreciate that both of these candidates are willing to run for Edmonds City Council.

    I encourage all to get to know the candidates for public office. Call them, meet with them and ask them questions. As always, this is a very important election.


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