Tree on power lines leaves Perrinville area in dark Wednesday night


If you live in the Perrinville area and were without power Wednesday night, here’s the reason: According to Snohomish Couty PUD, a tree came down on power lines around 9 p.m., leaving about 490 customers in the dark.

Repairs were expected to be completed within two hours, PUD said.

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  1. The tree actually came down on the powerlines on Talbot Road where it crosses Perrinville Creek. It happened at 7 pm and power was not restored until 3:30 am.


  2. Thanks Neil for the correction. That is what we experienced. 7 and a half hours to fix is a whole lot different than PUD’s two hour estimate. Would love to know why the huge disparity? And I called the PUD outage line throughout the evening and their recording never changed from the “4:30pm” update which only talked about an outage earlier in the day on Camano Island. So much for customer service when you really need to know what’s going on!


    1. We live just north of Perrinville on 76th and our power went out just before 7 PM and returned around 11:15. It went off again during the night and I am not sure how long it was out that time. According to the PUD workers we spoke to, there were actually 2 issues that happened at the same time. The tree or branch falling on the wires on Talbot and a cable was spliced just south of Braemar on 76th.


  3. Does anyone know what species of tree came down on the line and why it came down. I don’t recall any great wind or weather which would cause a tree to fall.


  4. On Soundview Drive the power went out about 7 PM in the 8th inning of the Mariners-Tigers game and came back on after 11 PM. I reset all my kitchen clocks and went to bed. Got up in the morning and had to reset the clocks again. I remember hearing 2 separate bangs when the outage started and that the second one came just after my lights first went out. That made me wonder a bit. Now I know what it was. Thanks Pat Ford for the explanation.


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