What’s at the Edmonds Summer Market this week: A bevvy of berries, plus peaches and tuna


Edmonds-Historical-Museum_Summer-Market_Logo-TanAfter enjoying a wonderful Independence Day Weekend, we are thrilled to be returning to Edmonds for our regular Summer Market this week.

Look for a great selection of berries, as all the sun and hot weather has inspired the berries to ripen early. Whitehorse Blueberries will be on hand with an exceptional selection of organic blueberries, and Hayton and Youngquist Berries Farms will have plenty of raspberries and blackberries. Get them while they are here, as the season looks like it may be cut short.

St. Jude’s Fishing Vessel returns with plenty of canned and frozen tuna. Also, check out their tasty tuna jerky– perfect for snacking on a hike or camping trip. Along with St. Jude’s, we will have Bright Ides Acres with whole chickens, Wilson Fish with fresh and smoked salmon, Sky Valley with a diverse selection of pork and chicken, Gradwahl Beef and Martiny Livestock, featuring their delicious lamb brats, chops and more!

Peach season is here as well, and rumor has it you may find some nectarines at Bill’s Fruits, and nectar-cots at Collins Family Orchards.

So come down and join the fun at the market. Enjoy a freshly baked treat and wander the market to find some tasty treasures. Don’t forget the flowers and veggies too! From Alvarez Organic Farms, Gypsy Rows, Frog Song, Caruso Farm and all our other farmers, you will find cucumbers, squash, beets, lettuces and kale.

See you at the market!

— By Christina Martin, market manager

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