What’s that structure at Salish Crossing?

We’ve received several reader questions about the work going on at the southeast corner of the Salish Crossing project at Sunset Avenue and Dayton. This is how it looked on Thursday, July 9.


Coincidentally, at about the same time we saw
Coincidentally, we saw this photo that Spud Fish and Chips Juanita posted on its Facebook Page Wednesday, July 8. (Spud will be a tenant in the new Salish Crossing complex.) It shows the current efforts to rebuild the portico that was rescued from the former Edmonds High School (now the Edmonds Center for the Arts) by Salish Crossing owner Lindsey Echelbarger after the ECA remodel. You can read more background in our story from 2012 here.
Here's the portico before it was removed from the high school.
Here’s the portico before it was removed from the high school.
Here's the artist's rendering of how the portico will be installed at Salish Crossing.
Here’s the artist’s rendering of how the portico will be installed at Salish Crossing.


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  1. Wondering where this Edmonds High School building portico has been stored for this private individual, and if rent has been paid if stored in a City of Edmonds building? Was this stored at the Edmonds Center for the Arts? Just curious about this. Perhaps someone knows where it has been stored since retrieved from the scrap pile a number of years ago, evidently by someone Echelbarger.


  2. Tere, Do you believe anything good happens in Edmonds. Thank goodness we have people of vision who are trying to make Edmonds a better place thank you Mr . Echelbarger for saving this piece of history and what you have done at Shalis Crossing.


  3. Tere what are you thinking? A business owner adds a historical arch to a non descript corner and you wonder if he paid rent to store it! Let your glass be at least half full.


  4. Well, I guess I’m thinking that perhaps more people should be watching for checks and balances in this town with our government regarding money as a great number of you do not seem to care a ratZ you know what about ……….this isnt just a “non descript” little “corner” of our town, and I do actually really like the idea of what this business/family has done there so far…….if this was given to a private party, and stored in a city facility for so many years, I believe that rent would have been paid by the private party to the city.

    And Mr. Hall, “people of vision”……yes, the same people of “vision” that have done the same thing a certain way for a long time……..I guess it depends on what you see as “anything good”……..Perhaps that means something different to some of us regarding some transactions.

    I believe in the rules of laws and ethics, FAIRNESS, period, in everything with our government. Our government represents us, the citizens, not the other way around. None of that wink, wink, behind closed doors, good ol’ boy stuff prevalent in many areas of towns and their governments

    So, perhaps someone could actually answer the question of whether this has been stored on City of Edmonds property??? rather than implying just plain stupid things about me personally. That in itself is interesting, I might add.


  5. It is great that the Portico has been saved. At the same time, the contrast between this situation and the Totem Pole situation is interesting.

    Excerpt from September 27, 2011 Edmonds Public Facilities Board Draft Minutes(this is from 2011-the second half of the donor pledge may have been paid by now):


    Board President McGibbon explained when the old high school was demolished six years ago, a donor requested the main entrance portico be preserved for later use. The cost of preservation was $27,000 which the PFD paid and the donor pledged to cover. To date the donor has paid half of the pledge. The portico material has been stored on City property since demolition; no plans were ever developed for using the material. The City has now requested the material be removed.

    The Steering Committee discussed the matter and due to the urgency of City’s request to remove the material, asked Dave Earling, who is acquainted with the donor, to contact him. Mr. Earling contacted the donor and the City’s Cultural Services Manager Francis Chapin had a subsequent discussion with the donor who is disappointed but understands the situation. Ms. Chapin requested the donor contact Mr. McIalwain which to date he has not done.

    ECA Board Member Loos reported Ms. Chapin had an artist look at the material and develop a vague concept. His concept would cost $5,000-$25,000; the material is in very poor condition. Board President McGibbon relayed the Steering Committee is not interested in pursuing that option. Discussion followed regarding the options: disposing of the material or allowing the donor to take possession of material.

    It was the consensus of the Board to direct Mr. McIalwain to contact the donor to determine whether he wants the material. If the donor wants the material, he must pay the transportation costs. If the donor does not want the material, Mr. McIalwain will inform him that the PFD will determine appropriate disposition.


  6. Following is more information on the Totem Pole:

    The City Council passed City Resolution No. 1012 on November 5, 2001. This Resolution was titled as follows:


    The Resolution indicates that the Edmonds Arts Commission had previously determined the carved pole no longer appropriate for retention as part of the City’s public arts inventory. The carved pole had been donated to the City and had been part of the City’s public arts inventory. The carved pole was deaccessioned, cut into pieces and placed in a dumpster.

    Resolution No. 1012 indicates that the City initiated a replevin action to recover the remaining portions of the carved wooden pole which had been removed from a dumpster and were in the possession of a private party. A replevin is a legal action that allows you to seek the return of property prior to a trial.

    From what I can tell, Resolution No. 1012 indicates that the City wanted to recover the carved pole that it had previously disposed of , evaluate potential public uses for the pole and consider bids and proposals for the use of the pole by private and quasi-public entities.

    An old Seattle Times article reported that the City of Edmonds claimed the citizen had violated the spirit of “representative government” by taking something that elected officials had opted to throw away.


  7. I suspect the next thing to unfold will be to remove our not very old ferry terminal at Main Street and have a new Main Street with ferry landing at Dayton…and portico Salish Crossing as entry to Edmonds……when looking at the whole big picture, in my opinion, this could be great for quite a few down there at Dayton and change our city in a big way. I believe there is a listing of money already taken in for our candidates……..It is always a good rule of thumb to follow the money. This even bigger than that Sunset Project suggested by one citizen of Edmonds…..and what a corridor all the way to Dayton

    Call me imaginative but Ive been trying to figure out why the city had an office in that brown building with other entities on the waterfront.

    ………and whats a “quasi public” ……….utility???…..PFD…..what does that exactly mean. Where is the “public” process?……does this mean a few people at the ECA are representative of the public of the City of Edmonds.. Who made this up?……

    so has the donor paid the rest of the money???…….. Who is the donor and where is the record of discussions with our Mayor? How could this simple thing be this complicated?……again, interesting…..I guess its the “keep ’em guessing” form of government, which our Attorney General does not want. He wants full transpaency.


  8. Tere, In the interest of transparency which you advocate, how about using names and provide documents , what brown building?. Your questions on the PFD are easily found with a little research. I do admire your imagination.


  9. My….oh my….Ms. Ryder, must so many of your comments be shrouded in a cloak of implied conspiracy? Just because you are not aware of something that exist or has taken place…….does not warrant you asking the question “Who made this up?”

    The Edmonds City Council conducted a public process and passed an ordinance in 2001 that resulted in the formation of the City of Edmonds Public Facilities District (PFD). Many public facilities districts exist throughout the State and have been established under the authority of the laws of the State of Washington. More specifically, under the Revised Code of Washington, the City of Edmonds had the authority to form a public facilities district for the purposes, among other things, of acquiring, constructing, operating, promoting and financing a regional center.

    The Edmonds PFD is a municipal corporation that owns and operates Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA) which is considered a regional center. Phase 1A, renovation of the original Edmonds High School Auditorium into a first class Edmonds Center for the Arts and multipurpose facility, was completed in September of 2006. The Public Facilities District board consists of five members appointed by the Edmonds City Council.

    To directly answer your question Ms. Ryder, no one “….made this up”.


  10. I see the question of ” has the donor paid the rest of the money?” not answered by anybody. Of course. ……..I am well aware of what the PFD consists of. The citizens are at the top of government, not the bottom, as some of you seem to assume, particularly some who have been entrenched for many years. I find that most important information is in the details……it’s in the details always…. Many citizens wonder here in Edmonds about those “details”. I am not unique in that. Perhaps a reminder that the citizens foot the bill for our government and everything that unfolds in our town and it is our right to have total transparency, according to our Attorney General and he is calling for total transparency, not behind closed door operations……..Im sure those of you in the know, know exactly what brown building I reference.

    Time for new leadership and a new path. I encourage all to peruse the campaign contributions that was listed recently by this publication…….and I guess Im wondering what happens to contributions given to someone when they dont even have an opponet they are running against…..Why all the money for an uncontested run?…….Just questions “folks”


  11. I believe the City spent significant taxpayer resources related to the old Totem Pole that the City had thrown in a dumpster. The story was so bizarre that it received media coverage in other states.

    The City Council resolved to do the following in Resolution No. 1012 about the Totem Pole:

    Section 1. In order to better evaluate potential uses for the pole, the City Council wishes to consider bids and proposals for the use of the pole by private and quasi-public entities. The City Council therefore declares the pole to be surplus to the needs of the City, conditioned as set forth herein.

    Section 2. Conditions: By its declaration that the pole is surplus to the needs of the City, the City Council has not determined that the pole should be ultimately abandoned, but rather wishes to determine the relative value of the pole if retained in public ownership and used for park benches or other uses by the City, compared with the value which could be derived from the sale of portions of the pole or the conversion of portions of the pole to other public uses within the community. By its declaration of the pole as surplus, the City Council reserves the right to determine, in its legislative discretion, whether the remaining portions of the pole should be finally surplused and sold, provided in whole or in part to civic, charitable or educational entities within the City for use within the City or retained by the City for public uses under its own auspices.

    Section 3. The City Clerk is hereby authorized to post and publish a notice requesting in approximately the following format:

    ANNOUNCEMENT: The City of Edmonds is considering private and public proposals for portions of a carved cedar pole. The pole was originally carved approximately sixty years ago and has been cut into portions. The portions are coated with a significant amount of a lead paint. As a part of consideration for any transfer, any bidder or proposer would be required to indemnify and hold harmless the City from any and all liability of any kind or nature associated with the lead paint as well as contractual promises to dispose of the pole in accordance with state and federal regulation. In addition to these promises, private parties should indicate the price which they would pay for identified portions of the pole. Pictures of the various portions of the pole are available for review at the office of the City Clerk at the City of Edmonds , 121 – 5th Avenue North , Edmonds , WA 98020 . Civic, charitable, and/or educational entities within the City are encouraged to make proposals as to how they would utilize the pole to provide a public benefit to the citizens. Written proposals must be submitted on or before 5:00 p.m. on __________________, 2001.

    Section 4. Upon receipt of the bids and/or proposals, the City Council will consider them along with uses to which the pole could be put to use by the City while retaining it in public ownership. Nothing in this Resolution should be interpreted as an abandonment of the City’s interest in the pole, but rather indicates only the intent of the City Council to consider appropriate public and/or quasi-public uses as well as the financial benefit to the City that might be derived from sale of the pole.

    RESOLVED this 5th day of November, 2001.


  12. What I don’t like is that there is no longer a laundromat in that complex. I have a bunch of comforters to wash and no self-serve place to take them in Edmonds.


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