Edmonds City Council set to make decision Tuesday on Woodway Fields interlocal agreement


The Edmonds City Council Tuesday night is scheduled to decide whether to approve an interlocal agreement with the Edmonds School District regarding the multi-use sports fields project at former Woodway High School.

The council was scheduled to vote at its July 22 meeting on whether to pursue an interlocal agreement under which the city would schedule, operate and maintain the artificial turf fields. But councilmembers agreed that they wanted more time to study all sides of the issue, which since spring has been generating community debate regarding possible health and environmental impacts of the tire crumb rubber infill.

Also included on Tuesday’s agenda:

— hearing an update from Community Transit.

— receiving the June 2015 Quarterly Financial Report.

— hearing a recommendation for the Municipal Court Judge salary.

— discussing next steps for operation of Boards and Commissions, including the Tree Board and the Diversity Commission.

— considering a resolution adopting the 2016-2021 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N. You can see the complete meeting agenda here.

7 Replies to “Edmonds City Council set to make decision Tuesday on Woodway Fields interlocal agreement”

  1. Crumb rubber is made from tires.

    Tires contain KNOWN toxins and carcinogens

    Carcinogens and children (pets, environment) DO NOT MIX!!

    Sign the petition to “Keep Edmonds Crumb Rubber Free” Help to protect our children, citizens, and environment- there are alternatives to the use of tires on artificial turf.


    South Kitsap is using the non-toxic alternative- we could too!

    “The turf will eliminate the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Specifically, the infill in the new field will be made up of an organic composition from 100% environmentally-friendly, chemically-free materials, including cork and coconut fibers. “This project is particularly exciting for us because of the positive impact on our local environment,” comments Tony George. “It aligns with Kitsap Bank’s own commitment to sustainable practices. We are very pleased to see the school district leading the way in creating a safer and more sustainable athletic experience for our students and community.”



    1. I am the parent of an athlete. Just like you, want more fields for my kids to play on. You can show me studies supporting industry and I can show you just as many questioning safety. Point is- why take to risk….slight or not so slight, why? There is an alternative that is environmentallying friendly and based on material (cork, coconut husk, and rice hull) does not contain the KNOWN carcinogens and toxins, which is not disputed by any “side” ( although I would further argue that we are all on the same side- safe and healthy athletic fields).

      Let’s provide fields all “sides” benefit from. Better yet, let’s drop the notion of “sides” and work together to provide the safest play surface for our kids.


    2. The problem with ” the other side of the story” is too bad the information from how I see it is only presented from the Artificial Turf Council and those actually involved in making money from this that are presenting the info. online.

      Lets see some trust worthy, totally objective scientific information and just wait for the EPA and other entities and govt agencies to do their “needs more studies” and keep our environment, children and citizens away from this.

      This whole thing appears to have been branded to sell and fast, I might add in my opinion.

      marketing SOLUTIONS

      This is how some things work these days……”branding”
      ……simply amazing……and makes SIMPLE issues very obfuscated


      If the mad men of the 60s could see this now.

      Anyone who hasnt signed Laura Johnsons petiton please sign now for safety first for all of us, especially our children.

      Is our school board worried about being sued?……..just wondering how this possibly could have unfolded like this without this elected government entity (school board) checking with the citizens they are supposed to represent first.
      Where and when were the public hearings on such a prominent issue like this, to say the least of the money part and safety regarding this product being dumped into our town.


  2. As a mom of an athlete I support the need for more athletic fields. However, I do not support the unnecessary exposure to known toxins and carcinogens….especially when there are alternative choices.

    The questions regarding health concerns with exposure to the KNOWN carcinogens and TOXINS is just beginning to come to light. Like many of you, I assumed that the fields were safe. Just like asbestos, lead paint, tobacco, B.P.A., etc., new information comes to light, and we have an opportunity to educate ourselves on potential for harm and if concerned advocate for a change.

    There are just too many unanswered questions and the risk is too great. We CAN have synthetic athletic fields for the benefit of ALL who will play on them. By choosing a non-toxic infill, like South Kitsap and many other cities, we do not have to worry when they play or make the difficult, and unnecessary, choice to keep our children from a sport they love, in order to safeguard their health.

    Want to earn more about concerns with crumb rubber/recycled tires, and why so many parents are pushing for safer alternatives? Start here-



    Safe and Healthy Playing Fields Coalition- https://www.safehealthyplayingfields.org/

    Washington Alliance for Non-toxic Play and Athletic Fields- https://www.wanpaf.org/


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