Edmonds police seeking owner of dog who bit 6-year-old at Brackett’s Landing

Police are seeking the owner, shown here and with his dog last Thursday. (Photos courtesy of Edmonds Police Department)
Police are seeking the owner, shown here playing with his dog last Thursday before the child was bitten. (Photos courtesy of Edmonds Police Department)
Another shot of the owner.

Edmonds police are looking for the owner of a pit bull/shepherd mix dog who bit a 6-year-old Shoreline boy at the north end of Brackett’s Landing beach last Thursday, Aug. 19.

According to Edmonds police spokesman Sgt. Shane Hawley, after the dog, who was off leash, bit the child in the face, the owner left the scene with the dog and didn’t identify himself. The boy’s mother happened to be taking a cell phone video of the boy at the time of the attack, and police captured photos from that video.

The child was taken to Swedish Edmonds following the attack for treatment of punctures to the area around his mouth, chin and arm, Hawley said.

If you can identify the owner, described as a white male, contact Animal Control Officer Debbie Dawson at 425-771-0205 or [email protected].

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  1. It’s past time to ban this breed from Edmonds… and the country. Dog attack statistics prove that there shouldn’t be any further pit bulls https://www.dogsbite.org/dangerous-dogs-pit-bull-myths.php .

    No, euthanasia isn’t needed. Just ban any further propagation of this very dangerous breed. I don’t take my kind-hearted lab to the Edmonds waterfront dog park any more because of this genetically bred killer and the consistently irresponsible, owners who have to prove how tough they are by owning the killer of the dog world. The stories from other dog owners at the dog park about pit bulls are legion.

    1. Our lives have been irrevocably changed since the “pit bull is a pet explosion of the early 1980’s after pit fighting was made a felony in all 50 states (1976) These dogs SHOULD have been banned nationwide at the same time dog fighting was made a felony in 1976…think how many humans’ and animals’ lives and faces and limbs could have been saved if that had been done.

  2. It was only a matter of time before such a tragedy as this happened. I continue to be amazed to see many dog owners totally disregard the signs posted — no dogs allowed in the park and no dogs allowed on the beach not to mention off leash dogs. In the past I made it a point to politely remind the owners in violation of the city ordinance. When there never seems to be an animal officer visible in the area the violators just continue as usual because there’s no apparent consequences for them.
    The three recent times I was at the beach in the area of the senior center I witnessed 5 owners walking their dogs on the beach.
    Maybe enforcement can be done by an appointed citizen given the authority to write a ticket to the persistent violators.
    Same goes for the summer market — seems owners with large dogs get a thrill strolling thru the crowded aisles parading their prize position to the detriment of the shoppers. Neither large or small dogs seem to enjoy the crowded environment but sadly they have no say in the matter!

  3. Apparently this genius can’t read because he passed and walked over about 10 “No dogs allowed” signs that are at Brackett’s Landing. Include the one at the entrance that says “Absolutely no dogs allowed.”
    I wish the city would get serious about keeping dogs out of the park, it is a wildlife sanctuary. Plenty of rare birds visit the park, I’ve seen baby harbor seals hauled out on the beach, and even a river otter. Please just take your dogs to the dog park

  4. I am so sorry this happened to this boy. I hope he heals physically and mentally from the trauma.
    We don’t know all the circumstances from this article, so any conjecture is just that. The owner should not have left the scene.
    I do know that it is not the breed that is the problem. I have known many sweet pitbulls and some rather nasty members of other dog breeds. Pitbulls were originally bred as nanny dogs. And this particular dog is said to be a mixed breed too. So, please don’t scream “ban the breed” – that is just plain ignorance.
    Also, I have inadvertently taken my dog into this area without noticing a sign until I was already well into the area. I used the park because I was walking on and off the ferry and exchanging the dog with her former owner who also dogsits her when I travel.
    Year ago, dogs were allowed on the underwater park side – but no more.
    Given the restrictions on dogs at the beaches on both sides of the ferry landing, there does not appear to be any area for walk on passengers and their dogs to wait for the next ferry, stretch their legs, and take a potty break anywhere near the ferry landing.

    Is there an option for a changing this? Can there be an area set aside for dogs with their owners near to the ferry landing?
    Can dog families and non-dog families come to a compromise that will meet the needs and desires of both? I certainly hope so.

    1. Thank you Jeri for having such well rounded views. I am horrified by the flippant and uneducated comment of Steve Dosset. This “breed” is very misunderstood, and with any animal, bad behavior can occur. I am saddened that a family is having to go through such an unpleasant ending to their summer. I do hope this disrespectful dog owner is identified and that corrective steps are taken.

    2. Pit bulls were NEVER nanny dogs. That was begun in 1971 by Lillian Rant, a fervent fan of Staffies. She was hoping to change the image of pits from fighting dogs to that of family dogs. Pits will NEVER be appropriate as family pets. They were bred as the “bull and terrier” breed in England over 200 years ago. They were bred specifically to be pit fighting dogs…not housepets, not companion animals, not babysitters…F I G H T I N G A N D G R I P P I N G B R E E D D O G S. Period.

  5. I have seen the benefits of the many signs and paintings on the side walk at Marina Park. Thank you dog owners for following them, Much better than in the past. There is an occasional person that has walked past the signs but overall it is much better. Have quit going to the Saturday Market because a dog owner told he didn’t care if he was breaking the rules. Don’t need that attitude.

  6. I have to agree that there is no enforcement of the ordinance. Everyday there are dogs in Olympic Beach Park despite the signs along the walk-way. I wish there was enforcement, but I also know that the resources in the Police department are limited.

  7. I strongly agree with all of the previous comments regarding the severity of the problem and the almost total lack of enforcement. As a regular beach walker I have called 911 several times regarding unleashed dogs on the beaches in this same area chasing wildlife, with no positive response city response.

    Unfortunately, the dog on beach trespass problem continues to get steadily worse. Only two days ago I saw a large Pit Bull running off leash on the same beach and a few moments later I saw a large Doberman on leash but acting aggressively and intimidating nearby pedestrians on the nearby narrow Brackett’s Landing walkway. The Doberman’s owner is beach walk regular who is very defiant when told his dog is not allowed in these areas. I know city resources are stretched thin, but if nothing is done, a much more severe dog on human assault injury incident is inevitable with the city probably then forced to pay a very large liability settlement.

  8. I almost always see dogs in these “no dog” parks, and have never seen any enforcement.

    I wonder if this incident will encourage a change in dog owner thoughtlessness or authority apathy; just last night there was an off leash dog in the migratory bird area at Brackets Landing.

    What number should be called to report a violation of this ordnance, what is the penalty?

  9. As a dog owner and lover I am so disheartened by the few (and yes, it is a few) irresponsible and inconsiderate dog owners who make it hard on the rest of us. I don’t “always see dogs in the parks” but I know it happens sometimes. A dog owner who would leave the scene after his dog bites someone is beyond disgusting and I do hope he is found and prosecuted.
    I was very disappointed when Alice (my dog) was banned from the market. Frankly, I thought the Humvee sized strollers actually caused more congestion than dogs but haven’t seen a move to ban those. I do observe the No Dog signs on the beaches, city parks and trails, and I really appreciate the Port Authority’s enlightened approach to dogs at the marina. I guess my point is that it is a people problem not a dog problem. Perhaps a “No Stupid People Allowed” sign at the beach would be helpful.

  10. Maybe just take a photo of them and post on this site for all to see what a moron they are. I do not even walk the beaches anymore because of all the dogs.

  11. We thank you for the feedback on this issue and do not overlook your comments as it pertains to enforcement of this law. While we do have limited resources, we still do our best to address our citizens concerns. Last year our two Animal Control Officers investigated 1183 incidents with 26 of those being dog bites. Unfortunately, we must prioritize calls for service that come in and there are going to be times when the Animal Control officers or a police officer are not immediately available for off-leash dog calls. We always respond to calls that involve the protection of life and property first and are often doing so with 4-5 officers for our city of 40,000.

    If you see a violation occurring, we encourage you to call 911 and provide detailed information to the call-taker. An officer will be dispatched when available. Our average response time is 6-9 minutes for calls such as these.

  12. Steve / Mary Ann

    The breed here is not the issue. It’s how the dog is raised and cared for. I would caution citing statistics about certain types of dog breeds and citing the breed as the causality of the result in the statistics. People love to throw up pie charts, cite percentages, etc…I suggest that the devil may be in the details. How many of these dog attacks were perpetrated by dogs of owners who encourage that type of aggressive behavior in their dogs? I don’t know the answer to that, as do none of you. I do know that these type of people exist, and it’s unfortunate. Of course this type of low life is not breeding killer toy poodles…they don’t fit the mold & atmosphere they are trying to achieve. But eliminate pit bulls, pit bull mixes, etc…they’ll just move on to the next big / strong dog. I would suggest you can train / encourage aggressive behavior in nearly any breed of dog.

    I hope the child fully recovers. I hope he doesn’t grow up with a fear of dogs as a result, though a dose of healthy respect for any animal unknown to you would be wise.

    The issue at hand here is an owner that violated 2 laws. His dog was off leash and in a no dog area. It could have been a schnauzer and resulted in the same unfortunate incident. For the record, I’ve come across way more schnauzers both in numbers and percentages with an aggressive demeanor than pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

    Finally, if you want to change the world and make it a safer place, I would suggest a different cause than supporting dog breed bans. The site referenced earlier that there have been 326 recorded deaths from dog attacks over the past decade. While we all can agree that 0 per year would be better than 33 annually, note that nearly 34,000 people in America were killed just last year from gun violence (we average over 30,000 per year.)

    – More Americans die in gun homicides and suicides every six months than have died in the last 25 years in every terrorist attack and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.
    – In America, death from firearms per year now outnumber deaths from automobiles (though I’m sure texting while driving will give this statistic a run for it’s money in the coming decade.)
    – More Americans have died from guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history.
    – American children are 14 times as likely to die from guns as children in other developed countries.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I see lots of better places we can be putting our time and energy into saving innocent lives and making the world a better place.

    1. You have zero knowledge of the bull and terrier breeds,…their history, their breeding, their current predicament in the USA and other countries also. I will advocate for BSL as I please.

        1. I would agree Ron and thought of complaining to the moderator but in the end I felt her comments were better left up to reflect the true nature of her intentions, which is one sided and meant to belittle people.

          To be clear I hope this coward of a dog owner comes forward.

    2. Ad hominem attacks by pit bull owners are to be expected, but the facts prove how dangerous this breed is. According to the Centers for Disease Control, pit bulls are only 6% of all dogs in America, but are responsible for 42% of all dog attack fatalities. https://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/images/dogbreeds-a.pdf

      Study after study has proven that pit bulls commit a hugely disproportionate majority of attacks on humans and on other dogs. Pit bulls were specifically bred for dog fighting and aggression.

      The pro pit bull advocacy groups keep trying to change this breed’s image by now calling them “pibbles” (sounds so cute until it tries to rip a 6-year-old child’s face off) and “nanny dogs.”

      The “nanny dog” myth was first started decades ago and has been disproven many times: https://thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/2010/08/nanny-dog-myth-revealed.html?m=1

      One of the most prominent pit bull groups has disavowed it after so many pit bull attacks on children.

      Nobody needs to own any aggressive dog.

      1. I’m going to close this comment thread now since it has turned into personal attacks rather than debating merits of the issue.

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