Edmonds United Methodist becomes ‘reconciling congregation’ for LGBTQ community


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Edmonds United Methodist Church sent out an announcement Tuesday that its church council voted unanimously earlier this summer to become a Reconciling Congregation. “The congregation has committed itself to be a place of worship that accepts and affirms all members and guests who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ), and has become part of the Reconciling Ministries Network,” the church said.

Here’s more from the church news release:

The road to reconciliation wasn’t always smooth. It began more than a decade ago during a Sunday sermon when a church staff member spoke openly of being gay. It was a difficult moment in the congregation’s history; many applauded the bravery, while others left the church entirely.
It wasn’t an auspicious start on the congregation’s journey. Over the years, the minds and hearts of the congregation shifted. “This move to become a ‘Reconciling Congregation’ is just a public announcement of what we have striven for over the last 10 years,” said Kurt Schaurmann, long-time Edmonds UMC member. “I am proud that our congregation’s leadership has chosen to embrace Jesus’s two great commandments- to Love God and to Love our neighbor. To be a disciple today can be daunting but we have welcomed into our family ALL those who claim these two commands.”
EUMC has been the church home to individuals, couples, and families of LGBTQ backgrounds for years. However, during the Reconciling process, the church has welcomed new members who had previously been turned away from their communities of faith. EUMC members believe that making its welcome known to all is acting out the teachings of Jesus, and new LGBTQ members and guests have felt the out-pouring of love. “Knowing that I am accepted for who I am, and where I am on my faith journey; without judgment or question, but unending support and encouragement from my church community is the true sense of belonging,” remarked Tammy Stacey.
Rev. Dr. Kathlyn James, Edmonds UMC’s Senior Pastor, is a participant in the Altar for All registry for clergy who will officiate same-sex marriages. Lay leaders and congregational members who are supportive of same-sex marriages are also listed in the registry.

8 Replies to “Edmonds United Methodist becomes ‘reconciling congregation’ for LGBTQ community”

  1. All I can say is the Bible speaks very clearly regarding Gay lifestyle. Everyone has a choice of what to believe and where to believe it. Choose wisely the path you want to travel.


  2. The Bible does not teach hate and I believe it is wrong for this publication to print this….”abomination” in regards to a reference to gay people.

    Any religion does not come before Federal Law now. ……People cannot discriminate in this country and USE their religion as an EXCUSE to use hateful language or dicriminate regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender, etc.

    The Bible I read growing up says someting along the lines of, “love thy neighbor as thyself”

    I dont ever remember Jesus speaking hate against anyone in the Bible I read .


    1. I am a Christian, and I agree with Ms. Ryder’s comment regarding Jesus’ pronouncement that a person should “love thy neighbor as thyself.” I applaud churches, like the Edmonds’ Methodist Church, that do not discriminate.

      Let me remind everyone that we have a separation of church and state; that is a hallmark of the American way of life. Lest we forget, people came to America centuries ago to escape the influence of the Church of England. The British constitution still adheres to the supremacy of the Anglican Church.

      Gay marriage is a civil rights issue. The Constitution is our country’s Bible, and the Equal Protection Clause is a seminal part of the Fourteenth Amendment.

      On a personal note, I was quite taken aback after reading Joy Trevino’s hateful comment. I was surprised that our publisher, who does a wonderful job of weeding out inappropriate comments, allowed the comment to be posted.

      I am very thankful that our city has provided funding for the Tree Board and the Diversity Committee.


      1. The comment was edited and I apologize to those who were offended about the delay in responding to this issue.


        1. Teresa, thank you so much for your thoughtful edit of the post that I referenced in my commentary. Sincerely, Barbara Tipton


  3. Suicide rate higher for gay youth

    and 8.4 times higher for gay youth from highly rejecting families.

    U. S. Government Center for Disease Control and Prevention



    ******* Boy dances to fight back bullies…..others join him




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