Fabric of Life to host French Discussion Group meeting Aug. 11


FrenchFluent French speakers and novice beginners are invited to a French Discussion Group Organizational meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 11
from 6-7 p.m. at the Fabric of Life, 519 Main St., Edmonds.

Are you a Francophile who wants to parler en Français once a month? C’est très important que you know this is not a class. Il est très informel. We drink wine. We grignotez finger snacks. Nous sommes aimables à ceux dont le Français n’est pas parfait! And we all want to improve our Français.

If you are unable to attend the organizational meeting and still want your input counted, email Carol at [email protected] with your first and second choices for what day of the week and time you would prefer.

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