Local Veteran of Foreign Wars post asks veterans: What’s missing from this picture?


Veterans participating in the Flag Day 2015 ceremony in Edmonds.

A close examination of the photo will tell you that all of the VFW veterans present for this 2015 Flag Day ceremony at Edmonds City Park are senior citizens and all are male. Where are the younger men? Where are the women?

Leaders of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post have stated that they want all men and women who have served since Vietnam—particularly those from the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan—to know that there is a place for them and that the VFW is here to serve the needs of all veterans.

To be eligible to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars, a veteran must have received a campaign medal for overseas service or received hostile fire or imminent danger pay. That said, all such veterans — men, women, young or old — are not only eligible but are welcomed at Edmonds VFW Post 8870.

John W. Stroud, recent National Commander of VFW said, “I am extremely disturbed by the [frequent] portrayal of the VFW as an organization comprised of old and out-of-touch veterans who would rather drink in a dimly lit canteen than open their doors to our younger veterans.“[While such] canteens do exist, they provide no aid to the veterans we strive to help and serve.”

The Edmonds VFW meets once a month at the American Legion Hall, just off Main Street on 6th Avenue South. It has no bar and no apathetic or indifferent veterans.Their meetings consist of a light supper, a speaker of interest to veterans, and a members-only business session.

The Edmonds VFW’s stated purpose is to see that local combat veterans receive the help and recognition they deserve.Their website is at vfw8870.org. Interested veterans are welcome to drop by a meeting at 5:15 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month.

— Submitted by Mike Denton, Post 8870 Trustee

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