Martini-style gin is in at Scratch

Owners Kim and Bryan Karrick near their gin still.
Owners Kim and Bryan Karrick near their gin still.

Scratch Distillery in Edmonds’ Salish Crossing sent a photo with a notice that “martini-style gin is in.” The many weeks of work that owners Kim and Bryan Karrick put into creating the vodka that was infused with botanicals is now ready for bottling. Their citrus-flavored vodka sold out upon release, and the gin is expected to be another top-seller. Scratch also sells grape, wheat, and potato vodka varietals, along with natural pepper- and berry-flavored vodka. See their website for more “giniology.”

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  1. I can attest to their “tasty” vodka! After tasting all three (potato, wheat and grape) I bought a bottle (already consumed 🙂 of the wheat vodka. The two owners Kim and Bryan are two of the hardest working people I’ve met!!


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