Swedish honors Howard and Judy Chermak

Howard and Judy Chermak 815 Swedish
Howard and Judy Chermak honor the life of the man who brought them together with gifts to Swedish Transplant Fund. Photo and story courtesy of Swedish website.

Swedish Medical Center recently paid tribute in Impact magazine to Howard and Judy Chermak for their gifts to the transplant program “in honor of the man who brought them together. That man was Frank Miller, and he was Judy’s partner for 12 years before he died of pancreatic cancer in 1995.” In 1994, Judy donated one of her own healthy kidneys to Frank, and he was able to return to his career. Judy said the gift of Frank’s extra months of life were worth the price. Before he passed, Frank told Howard that he should marry Judy. “That we’d be good together,” said Judy. Howard and Judy have been married for 18 years, and she knows Frank would be “happy about the way things turned out.”

Judy and Howard support The Francis T. Miller Organ Transplant Fund for emergency financial assistance to organ transplant patients and their families. If you wish to learn more about this gift of love, or make a donation, see the full article here.

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