Want to save water in the shower? Edmonds woman has a suggestion


Edmonds resident Linda Jewell Ross has a suggestion for a water-saving tool that is inexpensive and easy to install. And she even made a YouTube video to demonstrate it.

“Being boaters, we have used a shower shut-off valve to save water, especially when we are out on long trips,” Ross said. “I have always thought everyone should have one in their homes! With the water shortage crisis upon us, I feel this is the time to introduce it to people that don’t know about it.”

The shower shut-off valve is easy to install and Ross said you still get the same water pressure and a nice hot, steamy shower — all while saving water and money on your utility bill. “Water pressure seems to be the complaint with the low-flow shower heads,” she said. “This solves that issue.”

According to Ross, the valve is placed near the shower head and you can turn it off and on as you desire. “You start your shower and get the great hot water and steam, then shut it off, soap up and when you are ready to rinse, you turn it back on and get plenty of water pressure to get rinsed off thoroughly and feel you have had that great morning shower,” she said.

Ross’ company, Jewell Enterprises, has teamed up with Edmonds Hardware & Paint at 5th and Maple to provide Edmonds residents with a low-price (approxiimately $10) shower shut-off valve. The valves are available now at the hardware store, located above Hazel Miller Plaza.

4 Replies to “Want to save water in the shower? Edmonds woman has a suggestion”

  1. Grand idea Linda and so important regarding the water shortages all over. …….WATER, the next great shortage …., so this is just a grand idea. I haven’t done plumbing for a while, but am excited and will get up to our great hardware store and get my valve and get to work……just saw the guys there a couple hours ago!

    Thank you again, Linda, and thank you again to the people that keep our local Edmonds Hardware store stocked with the things we need!


  2. thanks for showing the “ladies” how-to-do-this!!! Your video was great….a real life installation! I’m going to go down to Edmonds Hardware and get one!!!


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