What’s new at the Edmonds Museum Summer Market this week: Canning, anyone?


Edmonds-Historical-Museum_Summer-Market_Logo-TanFinally, we are looking forward to a cool and partly sunny market day! Just in time for the freestone peaches to be coming to the market. For those of you who can or make pies, you know that the freestone peaches are wonderful to work with. From Bill’s Fruit and Collins Orchards, you will find the delicious Diamond Princess Peaches, known for their flavor and color. Perfect for pies or crisps, or simply to slice and eat.

We are also thrilled to announce the return of Tonnemakers Farm this week. They will be bringing a fine selection of certified organic peaches, apples and more. So stop by their booth on Bell Street and welcome them back. I am waiting for the gravensteins, my favorite apple that they grow, perfect for apple B\butter!

With the temperatures turning cooler in the evenings, don’t forget to pick up some delicious pasta from Pasteria Lucchese. Complemented with some fresh veggies from Frog Song, Gypsy Rows, Alvarez Farm or Flying Tomato, it makes the perfect family dinner.

Remember, there is no market next week, as we take a week off for the Taste of Edmonds, but will be back on Aug. 22. So stock up on your eggs, burgers, salmon and more! So much to enjoy while you are here, and to savor through the week.

See you at the market!

— By Christina Martin, Market Manager

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  1. It seems like there are less produce stands. Everythings more expensive than the local grocery. How about more food and less trinkets. Regards


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