Edmonds Museum on a mission to fill city with scarecrows

From the 2013 Scarecrow contest: Farmer Joe
From the 2013 Scarecrow contest: Farmer Joe

The Edmonds-South Snohomish County Historical Society has declared that its mission, in October 2015, is to encourage and invite as many scarecrows as possible to come to the city of Edmonds and South Snohomish County, for a visit. Certainly a challenge to be taken up by all!

Are you going to create a scarecrow? Could you find all the other scarecrows that have come to our area? Would you and the family consider a scarecrow hunt? If so, let the museum know which ones you like the best, in the several categories.

Look online at (www.historicedmonds.org to find all the information; there will be a map, as information is sent in. Hot cider and a donut might be just the perfect end to the scarecrow hunt, so be prepared, mom!

The voting categories have changed this year, as there were so many terrific entries last year, it was determined the choices for the judges needed to be broader.

The six categories are:

  • Residential (single or multi-family, care facilities)
  • Retail Business (stores & shops, except art galleries)
  • Service Business¬†(legal, medical, travel, salon)
  • Food/Beverage¬†Business (restaurants, bars, coffee)
  • Financial/Insurance/Real Estate (banks, agents, financial consultants)
  • Arts/Government/School/Civic¬†(galleries, city, artists, service clubs)

Can we find more scarecrows this year? Will we break the 100-scarecrow count in Edmonds and South County? If so, will this be considered a scarecrow invasion? Wow! So many questions and no answers. Help the museum count the scarecrows, and let us know where they are located; send photos and location, if possible. There will be a scarecrow map, when we hear from you, on the museum web site. We promise not to bring them in for questioning; we just want to know where they are. It is always wise to know the whereabouts of these guys and gals. They are young, they are old, they are pretty, they are ugly, they are friendly and sometimes even scary! They are so much fun to find, and so much more fun if there is a treat waiting at home, or a nearby establishment.

Registration is Oct. 1-22
Voting is Oct. 23-Nov. 6

The winners in each category will receive a certificate, a 2016 Museum membership and bragging rights. Winners will be announced at the Museum Heritage Days Dinner held at Holy Rosary Parish Center on Nov. 13.

We are the Edmonds-South Snohomish County Historical Society and welcome entries from all of South Snohomish County and surrounding areas. The Museum website www.historicedmonds.org) now has a link to the Scarecrow Festival. Here people will find a wealth of information to include more about the categories, how to build scarecrows and pictures of past winners for inspiration.

Our mission: To encourage as many scarecrows as possible, to come for a visit, in Edmonds and South Snohomish County, and of course we want to keep the judges’ names as secret and confidential as possible, when they return to Edmonds, from their many international missions.

SShhh! Don’t tell anyone they are the judges; that is our secret!

Where have these international missions been and why did they go? They are looking for scarecrows, of course, at the many wonderful international restaurants in Edmonds and those many faraway places on Highway 99. It is their mission to go to them all, to find those scarecrows, and find a wonderful new experience. James Bond would be pleased to join them, don’t you think?

Whatever you do, whatever your choices, have fun, laugh together and enjoy the moment. It is a time of year when everyone can express themselves in costume and exaggerated makeup, as Halloween is just around the corner, and the Scarecrow Festival is just the beginning. The famous Edmonds Haunted Museum will be waiting for new thrills, and fun; more news on that down the road.

— By Bette G. Bell

2 Replies to “Edmonds Museum on a mission to fill city with scarecrows”

  1. Looking forward to the creative Edmonds folks coming up with their unique creations again this year. Let’s go over the 100 mark this time. Love the fun this generates for this community.


  2. Next year, please include residents of King county so those of us who do not live in or near Edmonds can participate. We could put our scarecrows in parks. Or one the beach.


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