Scene in Edmonds: No injuries in two-car accident

edmonds accident 2
Edmonds Police report no one was hurt in a two-car accident at 5th Ave. and Dayton Street on Thursday afternoon. One of the cars did crash into a building and there was some damage to the lamp post and flower basket. (Photos courtesy of Edmonds Police)

edmonds accident

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  1. I don’t believe so. From the photos, this looks like the building directly across the street from Red Twig. The one with Savvy Traveler and several other businesses.


  2. My workers have been replacing the walkway covers and gutter on that building. The exterior siding is being replaced on the building too. The day before my men were working on that sidewalk all day. So glad that no one was hurt.


    1. My wife and I happened to walk by just as the emergency vehicles were arriving. It was apparent that the car to the left was properly parked when the other car grazed it on its way to running into the building. My speculation is that the driver of that car probably had a medical problem, but I do not know that as fact.


  3. I work in one of the Studios in Mosaic. My son was visiting that day and if he left 5 minutes sooner, he would have been in the cars path. By the grace of god, no one was there in that very busy sidewalk. Not knowing if it was medication or not knowing when to give up the keys, think twice about the other lives you may effect in your decision to get behind the wheel. If it is the latter, and we have all seen it living here in Edmonds, put your pride aside. Could live with the consequences if it caused harm to another?


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