Artfully Edmonds brief: Harp studio now open

Alison Austin
Alison Austin

Alison Austin of Austin Harp Studios (110 W. Dayton St. Ste. 104) was welcomed into Edmonds’ Chamber of Commerce on Friday. The teacher and dealer for Lyon & Healy Harps treated Chamber Ambassadors to a solo performance on the eve of a grand opening weekend for her new business.

On Saturday, Oct. 24, the studio will be open until 5 p.m. On Sunday the hours will be noon-5 p.m.

In introducing herself to Chamber guests, Austin explained her musical background began with her parents’ involvement in the Seattle Symphony. When she married her husband, Bill, they continued the family’s musical legacy. Educated at Julliard and Curtis School of Music, Austin detailed the musical talents of her children and explained that she and her husband opened their harp studio with the intention of retiring in Edmonds, from Redmond.

“Our family comes as a show package,” Austin, who has 43 years of musical experience, declared.

Austin Harp Studios will be open by appointment for lessons and sales.

As she explained the structure and mechanics of the harp to interested Chamber members, she stated, “I teach just for the passion” of it.

Those interested in harp lessons, or information on the harp, can contact Austin at 206-817-8444 or by email [email protected].

— By Emily Hill

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