Ask the Edmonds cop: Three things you should know about domestic violence


To commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, we continue our conversation with Jill Schick, Domestic Violence Coordinator for the Edmonds Police Department, discusses the three things that people should know about domestic violence.

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  1. Thank you for using this type of forum for discussion about domestic violence. This summer I was assaulted by my estranged husband. Due to the severity of injury he’s currently in prison. This experience has had traumatic effect on me but..the attention given by the Edmonds Police and Fire depts.and the ER staff at Swedish was very comforting and reassuring that I’d be okay.
    With me talking openly about what happened, other victims are now sharing their stories. One teen girl I spoke to shared about her current relationship and is now looking at the red flags with eyes opened. It wasn’t our fault and we shouldn’t be ashamed our experiences. The only difference between me and a person not abused is just the fact of the abuse. I work a job here in Edmonds. I have a family that loves me. I have an 18 year old cat. I probably have said hi to you. A “normal” person.
    Domestic violence does happen in Edmonds as Jill stated. We have many resources for help in Snohomish County. Don’t be scared or ashamed.You and your life matters.
    I’m not the same inside as I was a few months ago but I’m alive and that’s awesome!

    Thanks again for this series.
    Janene Quammen


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