Letter to the editor: A vote for Neil Tibbott ‘a vote well cast’



Neil Tibbot is a person I admire. He works for the Planning Commission and is currently the Board Chair. And this is a meaningful assignment. The work of the Planning Commission is extensive and time consuming. It involves late night meetings, long and laborious reading of material and the like. From what I can tell, Neil is doing well with this charge.

We met recently to discuss several matters about his campaign. I felt good about the direction of the campaign. Additionally, Neil asked if I’d be willing to place signs around the town. Without a moment’s hesitation, I said ‘yes.’ It is important for those of us not running, to express our support for those who are. And if a request to pound signs into the dirt is my contribution, I’m more that happy to do so.

Neil will be a great Council Member; a person worth our support. He deserves our attention and votes. Vote for Neil Tibbot and it will be a vote well cast.

Jim Underhill

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