Letter to the editor: Just tired of politics in Edmonds



This is my endorsement for Alicia Crank. No, I have no political clout. Not well connected. But I am very tired of seeing the Tuesday night sessions become anything but civil. Where votes line up in a predictable fashion, and where taxpayers pay for sessions to have our elected officials learn how to play nice. (That worked so well).

Ms Crank isn’t from around here. And that is a bad thing how? Ms. Crank is her own best endorsement. She stepped up and is running for office. She doesn’t live in “the bowl,” isn’t talking magnanimously about giving back, and hasn’t been doorbelling as much as some think she should.

But for all the talk that comes around election time about change, things don’t.

Ms. Crank brings with her a fresh perspective of Edmonds. She takes pride in her hometown of Detroit. She recently chose to live in Edmonds. She previously worked in a community which experienced exponential growth, the Silicon Valley. She also brings with her a professional background in Banking & Trust, Wealth Management, Tech, Marketing and Non-Profit Management. She still found the time to be active in her Mountain View community. The Pacific Northwest is experiencing the kind of growth Ms. Crank witnessed. That growth is coming up the I-5 corridor to Edmonds.

So, if tired is how you feel with all the political stuff, maybe giving Ms. Crank a seat at the dais on Tuesday nights is something worth considering. Talk with, her see what you think. Or watch the video of Ms. Crank with Mr. Teitzel here.


Diane Talmadge

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