Letter to the editor: We’re supporting Lora Petso for City Council



We are writing in support of Lora Petso for position 7 on the Edmonds City Council. We are aware that people make their election decisions in a variety of ways. Some vote for the incumbent; if you are inclined in that direction, please do so, as Ms. Petso IS the incumbent, and has served the City Council both as a council member and also as President.

Some will vote for a person who has been responsive to their inquiries or areas of concern. This spring we became concerned about some of the issues that were affecting our city, and we wrote to the city council about those concerns. Lora Petso never failed to write a response to us…not EVER! It isn’t every council member that takes a moment to thank or comment to the community member for their input, and then bring those concerns to the Council. Since that time, we have had the opportunity to witness every city council meeting, and we continue to be impressed with Ms. Petso’s dedicated work, responsiveness to our community, and attention to detail. Her background in economics and law have been invaluable to our community.

It is Lora Petso’s fundamental nature that makes her the right person to serve us on our City Council. Lora is intelligent, calm, thorough, hard-working, and steadfast in her work. In addition to hearing from, and learning from the citizens she serves, she does her homework thoroughly before each council meeting, even if the council packet is hundreds of pages long. She comes to the meetings with questions, and calmly keeps those questions in the discussion until they have been answered, even though it is so easy for them to fall by the wayside in heated discussion. She has a good memory (and a ready laptop) for recalling discussions and rulings that have occurred in past meetings when they are relevant to current topics, a recall that has been shown to be of immense value to the council, regardless of the issues. She is relaxed in her style and demeanor, but attentive to detail in her work on the council. Her hard work, keen intellect, personal integrity, and responsiveness to the community push her to work and vote for what she truly believes is the right thing, whether it is popular with other council members or not.

Lora Petso has our vote because we believe she is the honest, strong, calm, stand-up leadership we need. Lora takes seriously that she is working on behalf of the people of Edmonds and we are confident that she will continue to be hard-working, thorough and responsive. She will work to keep the pristine, friendly, beautiful small town flavor for which Edmonds is known. She will do what it takes to keep our city’s finances solvent without selling out to big business and rampant development.

Cam and Barbara Peterson

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  1. We also think that Lora Petso is a great candidate for City Council. Our experience with her has been totally positive. When we had an issue, she took the time to sit down with us and had researched the issues before the meeting. She even got the appropriate City Staff person to come to the meeting. We have attended many City Council meetings and it becomes clear that Lora has done her homework on issues affecting the City as well.
    Lora is very clear on her position on increased building heights in downtown Edmonds-against them. Her opponent, Neal Tibbott, lacks clarity on this important issue.

    Lora has our vote and we hope she has yours as well.
    Doug Swartz and Kathleen Rapp


    1. Nobody wants taller buildings in the core of our downtown, because the 30′ height limit there has established the character of that area. But Councilmember Petso has opposed more height anyplace in our city. Fortunately her vote has not always prevailed. For example, if she had gotten her way there would be no Point Edwards. Those 261 condos have a tax value of near $200 million and therefore provide significant tax revenue for our city.


    2. Neil Tibbott is clear on the subject, he supports the current height limits for downtown, even My Edmonds News has corrected others on this site who are trying to perpetuate this myth about Tibbott having some agenda for taller buildings, it’s simply untrue. It’s a shame that his opponent and her campaign team are going for some last ditch effort smear campaign, but maybe that’s their only hope of winning. Edmonds deserves better than the incumbent and I expect we will get better when Neil is elected.


      1. Scott,
        I read the letter as 2 citizens clearly stating their experience with and reasons for voting for a particular candidate. They mentioned nothing about the opponent. Nothing of a smear campaign, simply 2 citizens expressing their support for a candidate in a very positive manner. Your comment however, was quite the opposite.


        1. Laura, Mr. Swartz opened the issue of building heights, naming Mr. Tibbott specifically. Mr. Baker was simply responding with the truth regarding Mr. Tibbott’s postion on the building heights issue. Nothing negative or inappropriate here.

          Maybe you can illuminate us on how Ms. Petso intends to address the crumb rubber issue. It’s one thing to promise results and another to deliver those results. Given EPA’s and the Washington State Department of Ecology’s overall jurisdiction over this issue on a Federal and State basis, are you now seeking a ban on crumb rubber at the municipal level? Is that a legitimate and legally supportable approach, and do you have the Council votes?

          If it is, and you do, then congratulations. Otherwise, I hope you are able to pursue this issue with success through the Department of Ecology, with the help of local, engaged politicians above Ms. Petso’s paygrade. You have Senator Chase in your corner.I hope she will be of service to you.


        2. Steve,

          I cannot illuminate you on what Lora Petso may or may not do with regards to a ban, just as I cannot tell you what other council members will do. I can say that she has been very responsive with many of us on the issue…as have a few other council members. As for what they can or can not do legally, that is what they will need to look into and decide, as they are the council members with the legal support to advise. Additionally, KIRO News reported that Mayor Earling indicated that the city could ban it’s (crumb rubber) use on athletic fields in the future. https://www.kirotv.com/news/news/edmonds-group-demanding-citywide-ban-crumb-rubber-/nn6M6/

          While congress has given the EPA until Nov. 6th to answer a series of questions regarding crumb rubber, you are a bit off on the EPA’s involvement. The current EPA stance is that more research needs to be done and in the meantime the decision to use crumb rubber remains a state and local issue. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/how-safe-artificial-turf-your-child-plays-n220166

          Ecology is currently looking in to this issue….but my understanding is that they do not have jurisdiction over whether or not Edmonds bans crumb rubber….just as they did not have jurisdiction over whether or not to ban plastic bags in Edmonds- although I imagine they support both ideas.

          I take from your advice that you feel that I am a misguided optimist for hoping that my city will take a stand on this matter. That is possible, and time will tell. For now, I have faith and I will continue to advocate for the safest play and athletic fields for our children and community.

          As for working on this issue outside of the City of Edmonds. thank you for the advise, and yes…we have gone above a council members paygrade. We are working on this from many angles, and we are making progress….but sometimes progress is slow. In the meantime, I have confidence that Edmonds will be an active participant in the solution rather than a passive bystander to the problem.


        3. Steve,
          I am curious- from your above questions and suggestions, may I infer that the candidate whom you are actively campaigning for, is not in favor of the City Council taking any local action with regard to the safety questions on crumb rubber? Aside from contacting the WA Dept. of Ecology, what does your candidate of choice suggest in response to the almost 1,000 petitioners who are calling for a ban on crumb rubber?


        4. Hi, Laura. As much as I love late electioneering posturing…no, I was suggesting nothing other than expressing my personal opinion, as a former environmental and regulatory professional, as to what might be your most effective way forward. I wish you good luck in your endeavor.


  2. Thank you Cam and Barbara Peterson for your endorsement of Lora Petso!
    Couldn’t agree more: “It is Lora Petso’s fundamental nature that makes her THE RIGHT PERSON TO SERVE US on our City Council. Lora is intelligent, calm, thorough, hard-working, and steadfast in her work.”
    Councilmember Petso has my vote…


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