Letter to the Editor: Why I am supporting Neil Tibbott for City Council Pos. 7


Dear Editor:

Neil Tibbott reached out to me, like he has been reaching out to many in the community for the last 15 years, to listen to my thoughts and opinions of where the City is heading. I was impressed by his experience working on city and community issues and his track record of solving problems and creating legislation through an inclusive and collaborative approach. For instance, as Chair of the Planning Commission, final recommendations usually garner unanimous support, not the 4-3 splits that you see on the City Council.

Neil is not one to promote his personal agenda in these organizations, which is one of the reasons he has such a wide range of individuals that have experienced his cooperative mindset and would like to have Neil’s leadership as a City Councilman. His reputation is as collaborative not combative; his manner is inclusive not selective; his focus is forward.

The political hot button topic for Edmonds is always the fear mongering of “high rise buildings.” Neil has never advocated for this yet his opponent resorts to this historical myth, inferring he does. Edmonds needs a council representative that understands the value and balancing of growing jobs, businesses, tourism, and housing if this town is to be prepared for the next generation.

It is time to look long term. We need to make a way for the next generation to live in and participate in the benefits of the family lifestyle of Edmonds. Neil is a person who has proven he has the leadership skills and respectable demeanor one would like to see representing our community.

Please join me and support our future by voting for the most qualified candidate, Neil Tibbott.

Darlene Stern



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  1. Agreed. His opponent perpetuating that myth, also marketing herself as a budget savior of Edmonds (and then back-pedaling on her claims during the recent candidate forum) and wasting our town’s time trying to stop the crumb rubber field, for which the council had zero legal authority to do (as stated by the city’s own lawyer), I think we need a change and we’re lucky to have Neil running to serve our town.


    1. Scott,
      With all due respect, it is very simplistic to say Lora Petso tried to “stop” the crumb rubber fields at the Fmr. Woodway High School. Lora Petso tried to prevent a toxic substance from being placed on city zoned open space. She tried to get the school district to negotiate and use a non-toxic infill for the fields. The project was supposed to be a “partnership” between City and School District. Lora listened to the large outpooring of concerns expressed by her constituents and acted! How can it possibly “wasting our town’s time” by honoring the citizen’s requests and attempting to find a resolution? I for one consider listening to citizens an extremely valuable quality in for a candidate to posess. Lora has proven that she will do exactly that…listen, research, respond, and if appropiate, take action! For that she has already earned a tremendous amount of respect from me!


  2. Yes, with most of the old school people (those running things going back about 20 years and still trying ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)….you KNOW who they are!) and those easily brought along, we won’t have to worry about newer younger generation people or businesses moving here……..Keep building those beige conods for the older folks only (beige ad nauseum being a strong point here) and perpetuating the $$$$$$$$$$ for the select few and Edmonds will continue to have empty/for lease buildings and businesses going away. and younger people not wanting to move to a place like this…….a place living in the past! ………….only 400 new people here in 10!!! years…..that says everything regarding the ol’ boys/ol’ girls club way of running things and what this has created. This has only benefited the select few, not the whole city, for all of the citizens.

    Young families we want to move here will not move to an area that has been saturated with toxic waste products and lives in the past

    Ruining the environment is so old school! Young people are trying to fix the planet and what has been done in the past, not more of the past ruining of our environment.

    For the continued growth of our city and well being of our community, vote for Lora Petso who does ask every time, the right and hard questions……

    Again, democracy can not be bought!


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