Local candidates’ contributions and funding as of Oct. 2

USA Vote 2015Here is the latest information from the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission on our local candidates’ campaign finances. For each candidate, we’ve provided a link to the detailed breakdown of contributions by name and amount.

The Washington State Public Disclosure laws require that candidates who spent more than $5,000 on a prior campaign or expect to spend $5,000 on the current campaign must file campaign finance reports with the PDC. Candidates who do not meet either of these criteria must still register with the PDC and file a personal financial report, but are not required to file campaign financial reports.

Additional information, including details of how each candidate is spending his or her money, is available on the Public Disclosure Commission’s web page here.

My Edmonds News will continue to provide updates as election day approaches.

Name Office Raised Spent List of Contributors
EARLING DAVID O MAYOR $26,140.93 $4,281.78 Click for Details
NELSON MICHAEL J CITY COUNCIL MEMBER $6,708.00 $3,575.60 Click for Details
BUCKSHNIS DIANE M CITY COUNCIL MEMBER $100.00 $100.00 Click for Details
CRANK ALICIA CITY COUNCIL MEMBER $3,432.00 $0.00 Click for Details
TEITZEL DAVID L CITY COUNCIL MEMBER $11,835.26 $3,575.83 Click for Details
MESAROS THOMAS W CITY COUNCIL MEMBER $3,660.00 $867.16 Click for Details
PETSO LORA L CITY COUNCIL MEMBER $0.00 $0.00 Click for Details
TIBBOTT NEIL D CITY COUNCIL MEMBER $12,978.60 $6,179.24 Click for Details
CHASE CARIN SCHOOL DIRECTOR $3,006.05 $1,287.88 Click for Details
WILLCOCK WILLIAM T SCHOOL DIRECTOR $0.00 $0.00 Click for Details
MURPHY MARY SCHOOL DIRECTOR $0.00 $0.00 Click for Details
NOBLE GARY P SCHOOL DIRECTOR $0.00 $0.00 Click for Details
PHILLIPS SUSAN SCHOOL DIRECTOR $0.00 $0.00 Click for Details
WHITE DIANA K SCHOOL DIRECTOR $0.00 $0.00 Click for Details
PRESTON DAVID E PORT COMMISSIONER $0.00 $0.00 Click for Details
ORVIS JAMES W PORT COMMISSIONER $0.00 $0.00 Click for Details

13 Replies to “Local candidates’ contributions and funding as of Oct. 2”

  1. Interesting how many candidates get out of state contributions…like Alicia Crank from California; Michael Nelson from California; etc.
    Wonder what gives? Why??


  2. Hi Donald,

    When someone runs for office, their first round of donations and contributions tend to come from friends and family. In my case, since most of mine are in California, this is why you see this.


  3. This seems like a small variation considering the National Real Estate Association out of CHICAGO contributed a huge amount of money last campaign cycle to our Mayor David Earling campaign (didnt see anybody complaining then but me) including a large online article of how they helped David Earling to get elected. I believe if I remember correctly it was called something like Real Estate Party

    with something along the lines of David Earling trailing by 11 points in the advertizement……..and how they helped him win.


    I also wondered why an entity half way across our country out of Chicago finds our little town thousands of miles away so important. …….Edmonds, Washington, 39,000 or so population. Chicago at that time was also one of the highest crime areas in the country and not to my mind a good example for Edmonds. …..and particularly looking at our area now.

    In this case regarding Ms. Crank this appears clearly to be a small amount from friends and relatives……..not some huge amount from a national association thousands of miles away.

    I believe regarding Mr. Nelson running for office there is a clear conflict of interest with his day job of being the head of a powerfull union in Washington state. Our council is quite often in closed door sessions regarding business with unions and he would have to recuse himself, so whats the point. ……even just voting on something like a development plan where union labor may be used could be a problem………many problems could arise from this conflict of interest

    Many things could easily be affected with this person on our council and we have enough things to worry about without going our way to possibly invie trouble

    Again, democracy is not meant to be bought by special interests or the highest bidders. This is what is at the core of what is ruining our country. These special interest groups have not made things better…..well, except for the one percent……If China or Japan ever calls in their markers or gets really mad at us, it could be a very ugly picture for our country……..relying on special interests and special big pocket friends has not helped our country nor has it helped our city in my opinion


  4. In seconds, it is easy to find information on this. The concept that Dave Earling “was trailing by 11 points in the polls” was represented by Tania Lee in an article written May 14, 2012 on Realtor.org website. That same article also contains the following excerpts-the all caps are in the article so I won’t change:

    “Supporting a candidate for public office who supports REALTOR® issues provides associations the opportunity to involve their members in community efforts at a whole new level. Advocating for real estate issues is incredibly important, perhaps the most important benefit an association can offer its members. Although undertaking campaigns can be challenging, through the REALTOR® Party Initiative, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® campaign services department assists boards with tools, professional campaign staff, consultants, and financial resources.”

    “About seven months before the 2011 mayoral election in Edmonds, Wash., candidate Dave Earling, a former real estate broker and former member of the REALTOR® association, was trailing by 11 points in the polls. He had the endorsement and support of the state association of REALTORS®, but needed more help to ensure his election.”

    “Although the state association had supported the candidate, more help was needed to make sure he won. Nathan Gorton, government affairs director of the Washington REALTORS®, called the National Association’s campaign services department and explained the importance of this candidate to the city and state.”

    “As a former REALTOR® and broker who owned a real estate office for about 20 years, Dave has meaningful experience in our industry,” says Gorton. “There’s a longstanding record of mutual support between Dave and the industry throughout his service on the City Council.

    NAR’s support began with hiring a consultant to help the state association map out a new campaign strategy for Earling. The first step was listening to research and polling data that showed the candidate needed to strengthen his position with senior women.
    NAR supported a very specific multilayered strategy, involving three direct mail pieces about Earling, all targeted toward senior women voters. There was also a targeted e-mail campaign, and general advertising in online newspapers, as well as on Facebook and other social media. Finally, the campaign placed targeted, live “ballot-chase” phone calls to engage registered voters.

    NAR made a wide range of resources available, says Gorton, but left it up to Earling whether to use them or not. The local Snohomish County-Camano Association of REALTORS® and their GAD, Ryan McIrvin, were also involved in the process. “NAR has a contract with a big direct-mail advertising firm,” -McIrvin says, by way of example, “and admittedly, I was a little skeptical about using a mammoth, out-of-state operation. But they turned out to be just awesome—responsive, open to feedback, and timely. They used terrific local photographs and produced a truly effective, Edmonds-specific direct-mail campaign for us.”

    Also – it is easy to find the 2011 Form C6 on the PDC’s Website. I am looking at one right now that shows that the National Association of Realtors Fund expended $9,757.20 on David Earling’s campaign for Mayor/City of Edmonds. The vendor was Waypoint Data Solutions of Arnold, Maryland and they were paid $9,757.20 for “direct mailing to voters”.


  5. A second Form C6 shows $5,213.05 paid to Target Smart Communications of Arnold, MD for “Direct Mailing to Voters”, and $11,750 paid to National Association of Realtors, Chicago, Illinois for “Polling and Consulting Expenses”.

    The Form C6 indicates that the candidate identified in the advertising is: Earling, David. The office indicated is: Mayor/City of Edmonds. The party indicated is: Republic; and the Support or Oppose sections shows the Support box is checked.


    1. Thanks for the information. Missed the additional forms that were filed that indicate a Chicago connection.


  6. You are welcome. I am not sure how Tania Lee determined that he “was trailing by 11 points in the polls”.


    1. I wasn’t aware there was polling that early – my reference was to the outcome of the primary election through the general and the strong numbers for Earling during that time.


  7. Yes, it is interesting and telling what our local newspapers spin. I am just sorry we don’t have unbiased reporting………doesnt take a rocket scientist to see this.

    just like politics in this country now. A very sad state for our democracy…………pay to play

    I guess I would ask this publisher to show the facts and from what sources that David
    Earling wa entity to help him bring it home. ……so to speak

    As I stated before, Chicago at that time was one of the highest crime cities in the country……One shooting everyday if I remember correctly. This is not made up…..these were facts for the city of Chicago at the same time they were helping with David Earlings election and all can be easily checked. That is the main reason I questioned the help coming from so far away and from Chicago, not at all like the city of Edmonds at that time.
    Big out of state operations……I rest my case in regards to where the city of Edmonds stands right now. as opposed to a couple years ago!

    I would say crime in Snohomish County and being the epi center for heroin is one of the biggest issues facing our city and our citizens and children Let’s not bury our heads in the sand any more.

    No families with children will want to come here. Really!! Think about THAT


  8. I was not talking about David Earling trailing in $$$$$ as apparently this publisher thinks……

    I believe the 11 points trailing was in regards to polling by people and whether he could actually win an electinm at least ten percent behind his opponent

    I was not at all thinking or talking about the large sums of money David Earliing received……and I say large sums because to this so called turnip, it seemed like an incredible amount of money for a small town election.

    Not to say it is not really important to follow the money also and in my mind, particularly important in this small town


  9. What is all this about Chicago’s crime rate? Even if a real estate organization from Chicago contributed to his campaign, I don’t see how the crime rate there is relevant. Edmonds IS very much unlike Chicago, and will remain so regardless of who is in charge of it.

    Personally, I’d be more concerned about a person with strong ties to developers in Lynnwood or Kirkland. Edmonds could easily end up like either of those places (but not Chicago).


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