Scene in Edmonds: ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ takes the stage at ECA

In a break from taking photos, Larry Vogel enjoys a moment with wife Janice Carr.
Photographer Larry Vogel and his wife and 3-year ECA volunteer Janice Carr got into the spirit of the show.

Larry Vogel was there to capture the sights and sounds of the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show” presented live on stage at the Edmonds Center for the Arts Friday night, with many of the audience showing up in costume. Said Vogel: “There were about a dozen professional actors who performed on stage all during the movie, in over-the-top outrageous costumes, speaking all the lines, singing all the songs, and performing all the action. And yes, there was plenty of audience participation. ECA staff prepared goodie bags with everything from rubber gloves to squirt guns to be used at appropriate times during the show.”

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4 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ takes the stage at ECA”

  1. You looked great up there on stage, Larry! I hope they come again next year- what a blast. That said, tickets will sell out in a flash once the word gets out on how much fun it was. Yet another fun surprise for Edmonds….


  2. As first-timers of attending a show (the brunettes stamped with the red “V’s” on the forehead) we had such an amazing time participating in the costume contests and the games at the beginning, as well as throughout the show. Can’t wait for next year!


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