September High School Students of the Month


Edmonds eLearning Academy

Michael Kreins - e-LearningMichael Kreins
Mother’s Name: Ruth
Father’s Name: Stephen
Clubs & Activities: I love to read, play video games in my spare time, and am very interested in history. I consider my online history class more of a pastime than a class. I’m also very into music and I sing in a choir.
Awards: I was awarded most improved student in eighth grade.
Community Service: I’ve been volunteering at Swedish Edmonds Medical Center for 14 months.
Current Employment: I work at Shari’s Cafe as a host and love what I do!
Future Educational Goals: I want to go to Edmonds Community College for two years then transfer to the University of Washington or Washington State University.
Future Career Goals: I would like to major in nursing and minor in history. I think being a nurse would be a great job. I would also love to teach history when I’m closer to retirement.
Anything else we should know? I was diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia in 2012 and have been going through treatment since.

Edmonds-Woodway High School

Caitlin Yanos EWHSCaitlin Yanos
Mother’s Name: Virginia Yanos
Father’s Name: Constante Yanos Jr.
GPA: 3.916
Clubs & Activities: Secretary for Filipino Pride Club as a freshman and sophomore; Crafts for Charity, junior and senior years; Student Advisor to the School Board as a senior. I have also participated in the school talent show every year since I can remember. I have taken part in singing competitions and concerts for my music school.
ASB: President for the Class of 2016, freshman through junior years; ASB President as a senior.
Athletics: Hip-Hop Team Treasurer junior and senior years.
Honors: Member of the National Honor Society, Taeda Chapter since sophomore year; National Society of High School Scholars member.
Awards: Winner of Terrace Idol, a District-wide singing competition, my sophomore year; second place in School Talent Show as a freshman, and qualified for the District-wide talent show; selected for the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence.
Community Service: In Crafts for Charity Club, I teach other students how to knit and crochet items for charities, children’s hospitals and homeless shelters. Through my 9th-11th grade years, I have been the co-coordinator of the Blood Drive at my school. We would normally have 3-4 blood drives a year. I also volunteered at my local blood bank this past summer as a Donor Monitor, and am continuing to do so this year. Within ASB, I have also planned and taken part in different community service drives (food, toys, clothes, etc.) as well as fundraisers. From 9th grade up until now, I have also volunteered at Aquarius Loving Care AFH by singing and performing for the residents of the facility.
Significant School Project: Heifer International was one of my favorite projects put on by ASB because we raised money to buy goats for villages in Nepal. We ended up raising up to $1,600 for 13 goats.
Future Educational Goals: I hope to major in biology and minor in chemistry, doing so while taking part in a pre-medical program. I also wish to continue to be a part of student government in college. Overall, however, my dream is to make it to medical school to study dermatology.
Future Career Goals: To become a dermatologist.
Anything else we should know? I am a Full International Baccalaureate Student, in the running for the IB diploma.

Ferrari Giourard EWHSFerrari Girouard
Mother’s Name: Tracy Girouard
Father’s Name: Geoff Girouard
GPA: 3.89
Clubs & Activities: Random Acts of Kindness Club; National Honors Society; Sports Medicine
ASB: I have been an ASB officer since freshmen year. This year I am the Senior Class President and I was the Executive Treasurer last year. I am also on Interhigh this year.
Athletics: Varsity Softball
Awards: “Most Inspirational Player”-Varsity Softball 2015; “Scholar Athlete”-Varsity Softball 2015
Community Service: I participated in food drives every year to support the Edmonds Food Bank; Toy Drives every year for local elementary schools and Toys for Tots.
Significant School Project: I Led “Teens for Jeans” with help from Aeropostale, a clothes drive that mainly collects jeans.
Future Educational Goals: Political Science or Biological/Biomedical Sciences
Anything else we should know? I am the Student Representative for the Edmonds City Council.

Meadowdale High School

Lucas Hummel-MHSLucas Hummel
Mother’s Name: Lisa Hummel
Father’s Name: William Hummel
GPA: 3.4
Clubs & Activities: FCA, LINK leader
Athletics: Senior Captain and starter, football; Varsity track thrower.
Awards: Coaches Award, 2012
Community Service: I help my community
Significant School Project: Homecoming Skit; LINK, poster-making
Future Educational Goals: To attend a four-year university

Leila Mengesha - MDHLeila Mengesha
Mother’s Name: Elizabeth Asegehegne
Father’s Name: Maikele Mengesha
GPA: 3.97
Clubs & Activities: I participate in Hi-Q, which is an activity similar to Jeopardy that competes on a national level. My topics include government and literature. I am also a link coordinator, training my peers in preparation for Link Day. This requires an extra 16 hours of training. I participate in volunteer-based clubs, such as Key Club and National Honors Society. I also spent my Junior year attending bimonthly school board meetings representing the Meadowdale student body, giving my opinion to the board including the Superintendent on agenda issues or issues that I felt passionately about. One last activity is my role on the yearbook staff, I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Meadowdale Mesika.
ASB: I participate in student leadership, as the secretary of InterHigh (a student council between the four high schools in the Edmonds School District) for  two years, and I was elected as the Activities Coordinator of Meadowdale High School for the 2015-2016 school year. I held a position on the executive leadership team.
Honors: If this is referring to honors classes I’ve taken, my freshmen year, I took honors English, honors Biology, honors World History, and honors Algebra 2. My sophomore year I took honors English, AP World History, honors Chemistry, and honors Pre-Calculus. My junior year I took AP US History, AP Biology, AP Language and Composition, and AP Calculus AB. And finally my senior year, I am taking AP Literature and Composition, AP Studio Art, AP Government and Politics, and AP Environmental Science.
Awards: Student of the Quarter (Spring 2013) from Clifford Oje, Junior Student of the Month (October 2014) from the Edmonds Rotary Club; French Department Award (June 2015); Bronze Service Award; Senior Student of the Month (September 2015).
Community Service: I volunteer for various functions, such as the Take This Dress To Heart Fashion Show, I also put together events for our school each year such as Powderpuff Football and the Talent Show, proceeds for which are donated to chosen charities. Each year I put a team together for We Scare Hunger and go door to door collecting canned food items. I regularly package food items for Food Lifeline as well.
Future Educational Goals: I plan to attend a four-year University.
Future Career Goals: I hope to work within the court system.

Scriber Lake High School

Santino Dewyer- SLH (1)Santino Dewyer
Mother’s Name: Yvonne
Father’s Name: Jorge
Clubs & Activities: I love to draw. I also love anything that involves nature such as camping, fishing, and hiking.
ASB: I am actively involved in school leadership activities.
Athletics:  My favorite sports are football and basketball but I try other different sports as long as I’m active and not sitting on a couch.
Community Service: I helped out at the Special Olympics at Lynnwood Hgh School.
Significant School Project: In leadership, we collected clothes that were donated for the homeless. Once we collected them, we put them in backpacks, walked all around downtown Seattle and handed them to those who needed them.
Future Educational Goals: I want to go to college and study to be an art teacher.
Future Career Goals: I want to be an art teacher.
Anything else we should know? I am also published in two books.

Vanessa Talavera-SLHVanessa Talavera
Mother’s Name: Eloisa
Father’s Name: Jose
Significant School Project: For leadership I went out to Seattle and gave the homeless some clothes to keep warm. I also donated money to Pennies for Peace, an organization in Afghanistan that helps and allows more girls to be able to go to school
Current Employment: Chuck E. Cheese’s
Future Educational Goals: To be able to continue the education that others want but can’t have and appreciate it, learn new things all the time too because it’s fun to get to know people and be able to connect.
Future Career Goals: To me a job and a career are very different. A “job” to me is something that you have to do for a living but don’t enjoy and a career is something that you enjoy doing not only because it’s something you enjoy but because you want to learn more, be successful and able to put yourself to a challenge.



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