Time to vote — for your favorite scarecrows, that is

A sampling of scarecrows.
A sampling of scarecrows.

Voting for political candidates isn’t the only kind of election going on in Edmonds. You’re also encouraged to vote for your favorite scarecrows entered in the annual Edmonds Historical Museum Scarecrow Festival, now available for viewing on the Museum’s Scarecrow Festival webpage. Here are the rules:

    • You may vote for one entry in each of the six categories. When you vote in one category it will show “Voted” in all categories but you can still vote in those categories.
    • Only one vote per person. Votes are tracked by the IP address of the device you use to vote with. This means that if you are voting from an office with several computers all sharing one IP (Internet Protocol) address only one vote can be processed from that office. You can however vote from your home computer, smart phone or tablet.

Winners will be announced at the Historical Museum’s annual Heritage Days fundraising dinner, Friday, Nov. 13 at Holy Rosary Parish Center.

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