Tree Board pitches in to replace Yost Park trees lost in windstorm



Tree Board chair Steve Hatzenbaler and Edmonds City Councilmember Joan Bloom (right) pitch in to get a huckleberry in the ground.

A group of dedicated Edmonds Tree Board members gathered Saturday morning to help replant a section of Yost Park devastated in the August 29 windstorm. Two large Western Hemlocks growing  near the Bowdoin Street park entrance were blown down that day, leaving a scar in the forest canopy that significantly detracted from Yost Park’s signature woodland ambiance.

“The City of Edmonds supplied the plants, and the Citizens’ Tree Board supplied the labor,” said Rich Lindsay, Edmonds Parks Maintenance Manager. “In keeping with Yost Park’s natural setting, we’re using all native plants. These include three 6-foot Western Red Cedars, three Vine Maples, and several Elderberry and Evergreen Huckleberry in the understory.”

The new plantings can be seen on either side of the pedestrian walkway on the west side of the entry road.

Story and photos by Larry Vogel 

About a dozen Edmonds Citizens’ Tree Board members showed up on Saturday morning to help replant an area of Yost Park where two large Western Hemlocks were blown down in the August 29 windstorm.
Tree Board vice chair Jed Marshall straightens a newly-planted Western Red Cedar.
Tree Board member Barbara Chase, also an Edmonds Floretum Club member, pauses while planting an Evergreen Huckleberry.

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