What our class learned from Edmonds police about crime investigations

Edmonds police officers visit with Edmonds Heights student.
Edmonds police officers visit with Edmonds Heights K-12 students and teacher Erin Zackey, back row.

The following story was written by a student in the science class of Edmonds Heights K-12 teacher Erin Zackey.

Last week, Officer Mel Moore and Sergeant Ken Ploeger from the Edmonds Police Department came to our classroom at Edmonds Heights K-12 and taught us about what police officers do on real crime scenes. It was a really cool experience and a lot of fun. Officer Moore and Sergeant Ploeger started by telling us about footprints and how they study and preserve them. We observed some of the different types of footprint molds they brought and then we made our own!

DSC_0797DSC_0798After that, we got to study fingerprints and how they search for them on a crime scene. They showed us the different types of fingerprints and explained how when you become a teacher or child volunteer you have to get your fingerprints taken. I think my favorite part of the class was actually searching for our own fingerprints on clear glass beakers. We started by picking up our empty beakers and touching multiple places on the glass firmly with our fingers. The officers described two different methods for searching for fingerprints. The first method is taking an fiberglass brush and lightly covering the ends in a special black powder. The second method is taking a magnetic pen and dipping it into a magnetic silvery powder. We got to chose one of the two different methods for searching for them. After choosing one of our methods we chose a small area to lightly brush the powder over. After we had all found some fingerprints, we got to lift the fingerprints to study them. We lifted them by taking a special kind of tape and then carefully pressing the tape over our fingerprints. Once we had pressed the tape down we lifted it up slowly and pressed the tape onto a blank note card so we could examine our own fingerprints.We also did the same thing on little rubber pads to take home.

I am so glad that Officer Mel Moore and Sergeant Ken Ploeger were able to come to our classroom and teach us so much. It was so fun to learn about what policemen do to protect us around our town.

~ By Avery Sund (6th Grade)

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