Artfully Edmonds: A global flavor hits Edmonds art, performance scene

Michael Cadieux
Michael Cadieux

For the past two years, Artfully Edmonds has embraced the unofficial slogan, “Edmonds: An Arts Destination.” Many exciting developments on our city’s arts front make it obvious that the Northwest (and maybe — with the opening of Cascadia Art Museum — the West Coast) is taking note of our lovely location and inviting gallery spaces.

But, wait! What about the rest of the world? This week, Artfully Edmonds (AE) begins the column with an interview of an artist who believes it’s time to launch a global initiative – from right here –- Edmonds!

An Interview with Mike Cadieux, co-founder World Art Group:

AE: Mike, it’s been nearly a year since we checked in with you, and  we are so pleased to have you back for an Artfully Edmonds interview. Let’s start with an introduction for our readers:

MC: I’m a mixed media artist represented by Dragonfire Neighborhood Gallery.

Over the past 13 months I’ve grown to love and appreciate the gallery director Kurt Mattingly.

Prior to becoming a resident artist at Dragonfire I only dabbled in canvas painting. I was a faux artist for several years and the art I created was installed on customers’ walls in the form of faux finishes.

– – –

AE: You are relatively new to the art scene. What was the impetus at this particular point of your life to turn your focus to canvas?

MC: My mother passed away 16 months ago and at the time I had no idea the huge impact it would have on my life. The emotional energy that infused me needed somewhere to go. I didn’t want to be around other people, so I spent most of my time in the studio. It was during my time alone in the studio that I created my first piece of art called “Healing.”

The best way to describe the events in my life since that day would be “Magical”. When my mom left this earth she changed my life. She inspired me to let what I have on the inside come out in the form of art. I don’t question it and why would I – she’s my mom.

– – –

AE: What made you think the world needed “World Art Group” (WAG)?

MC: Many of my friends on Facebook are artists from around the world. Over time I’ve gotten to know several and I began to realize how much we have in common. Although we may be thousands of miles apart, we share the same heart of an artist.

Artists desire feedback on what they’re creating. I’ve learned that most of the artists out there have no representation so their opportunity to receive feedback is limited or nonexistent.

I created WAG to have a platform with global access so that artists could showcase their work, share ideas, and inspire one another.

– – –

AE: How many members have joined WAG?

MC: I created the group on Oct. 17 and as of today (Nov. 9) we have 246 members.

– – –

AE: How do you get the word out? — globally?

MC: It’s all word of mouth. An artist from Argentina has an artist friend in Brazil and tells them about the group; and so it goes.

– – –

AE: Do you track the locales of the members?  Other than maybe the U.S. what countries, global regions are represented?

MC: Yes, I track what country all of our members are from. Just as a 25 percent sampling, WAG members represent the countries of Algeria, Bangladesh, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, with the largest contingent coming from the USA.

– – –

AE: Why do you think that artists are so eager to connect internationally?

MC: It comes back to the heart of the artist. Whether one’s art domain is as a dancer, singer, painter, sculptor, musician or writer: We all share the same desire to express ourselves through our chosen from of art.

– – –

AE: What is the ultimate purpose and direction of WAG?

MC: The purpose of the World Art Group is to have a place where creativity is expressed and applauded — a place where art dissolves the borders that are dividing us.

– – –

AE: How can a person join the World Art Group?

MC: Well now, I’m so very glad you asked!

On Facebook just search for the group called World Art Group (WAG). My mug will pop up and potential members can ask to join the group.

We’re open to all artists as well as art lovers. And remember we’re a group welcoming ALL art forms.

I would also like to share this quote from Dmtry, a WAG member from Ukraine:

“Art is better than politics. Art is a building material. Of the blocks you can create alternate world that is different from what surrounds us every day. Art celebrates the beauty of the world and the beauty of people, animals, and space. In the most difficult moments of my life I listen to music and it saves me, helps me stay alive. To paraphrase John Lennon, “Something that robs us of life – art returns,”  with that as an inspiration why wouldn’t I create WAG!

Indeed!  Thank you, Mike, for sharing your time with us, and My Edmonds News wishes you all the best for the World Art Group.

– – –

9 Art Wine Walk

Art Walk Edmonds
Downtown Edmonds
Thursday night! 5-8 p.m.

By all weatherman accounts, Tuesday’s storm has blown through and housebound Edmonds should be ready to venture out for a wrap-and-chat with neighbors for this month’s Art Walk Edmonds.

As always, the actual Art Walk Edmonds and all downtown gallery receptions are free, but if you wish to partake in wine tasting of distinct wines at ten participating exhibits, click here to purchase Art + Wine Walk tickets.

After this month, Art + Wine Walk closes the wine cabinet until 2016, so now is the time to sample from select prestige vineyards and take advantage of the 10-percent discount offered by Artista Wine Cellars  on select wines for those who have purchased an Art + Wine Walk bracelet.

– – –

3 Zinc for Nov18.jpg
Zinc Art + Interiors is hosting Lydia Bassis for Art Walk Edmonds this month.

The news has been bright and exciting from our many gallery spaces throughout downtown, and Artfully Edmonds encourages readers to venture into the galleries we’ve heard from this week:

Zinc Art + Interiors (Zinc)
102 3rd Ave. S.  

Zinc owner Laura Zeck has made the acquaintance of Lydia Bassis – and lucky Edmonds for that connection.

Besides baubles and beads, wit and wine toasts Zinc is featuring the colorful, bold art of Bassis who was featured  in a My Edmonds News profile earlier in the week.

Airfield Estates Winery has been paired with Zinc this month for holders of Art + Wine Walk tickets.

Music at this vibrant gallery will be provided by musicians Bryn Cannon, George Myers of Acoustic Cadence.

– – –

4 CAM Hoffman at
“La Noria” by Tom Hoffman

Cascadia Art Museum (CAM)
190 Sunset Ave.

An inaugural entrant to Art Walk Edmonds, Cascadia Art Museum has chosen the work of Tom Hoffman, watercolor artist, teacher, and author as Thursday evening’s Featured Art Show.

Hoffman has been dedicated to the watercolor medium for over 40 years and has exhibited extensively around the national and includes in his portfolio shows at the Seattle Art Museum, Frye Museum, and Tacoma Art Museum.

Hoffman says of his art, “To me, nothing is more important than the beauty of the paint itself.”

Book Signing

His book, “Watercolor Painting: A Comprehensive Approach to Mastering the Medium” for which it is said, “Hoffmann’s thorough explanations and step-by-step demonstrations delineate the process of composing a painting in watercolor, while art from more than thirty-five past and present masters, including John Singer Sargent, Ogden Pleissner, George Post, Emil Kosa, Jr., Mary Whyte, Trevor Chamberlain, Lars Lerin, Torgeir Schjølberg, Piet Lap, Leslie Frontz and Alvaro Castagnet serve to illustrate and inspire. Whether you’re a serious beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this book will guide you toward the all-important balance between restraint and risk-taking that every watercolorist seeks,” is available in the CAM gift shop.

Hoffman will be greeting patrons and signing his book Thursday evening at CAM.

– – –

Jill Griffin Trunk Show Cole
Cole Gallery will add a trunk sale by Jill Griffin to its November AWE festivities.

Cole Gallery
107 5th Ave. S.

Cole Gallery presents “Art for Gourmets: A Joyful Repast ~ Food and Wine in Art” this month and through Dec. 30.

This delectable showing includes artists Pam Ingalls,  Angela Bandurka, Cary Jurriaans, Lori Twiggs and selected Cole Gallery Artists.

Gallery owner Denise Cole says of her artists’ selections, “As we approach the holidays, images of luscious food, meals shared with family and friends and the joy of celebrating is in our minds. In this new show, we bring a collection of paintings to you from various Cole Gallery artists that truly reflect the beauty of food and wine in art! From café scenes, wine bars and kitchens to paintings of gorgeous fruits, vegetables and more, let our artists take you into a visual repast!”

To help celebrate the theme, Cole will celebrate the season with Italian wines presented by Leonardo LaCascio.

– – –

6 EAFF Susan Waite
” Mt. Eerie View” by Susan Waite.

Frances Anderson Center
700 Main St.
Oh Washington!
By Susan Waite

The Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation and the Edmonds Arts Commission invite the public to view the oil paintings of Susan Waite at the Frances Anderson Center. The exhibition shows through Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Susan Waite says of her current work: “My paintings celebrate my love of this land of my birthplace, Washington. I revel in being outdoors, surrounded by the feel and colors and sounds of a natural place. The challenge of translating these elements of a place in time through paint seems to complete my experience there. Through these paintings I hope to preserve and share the present beauty of our surrounding country.”

Waite’s roots run deep here, as her grandfather was a diamond driller who helped build the Skagit dams. Her grandmother’s parents ran a dairy that delivered milk to the dam workers. As children she and her four siblings camped and hiked most all of each summer with their schoolteacher parents.

Waite presently lives in Fremont with her woodworking/fly-fishing partner who builds the finished panels on which she paints. She enjoys teaching painting and printmaking for “Seniors Creating Art” and also privately in her Ballard studio. Waite also paints Home and Garden Portraits on commission.

Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. For information call 425-771-0230.

– – –

7 Gallery North Nov Art Walk

Gallery North
401 Main St.

Artist Eve Ingraham spent several weeks in France and Spain earlier this year and in tribute to her travels has created the most inviting watercolor paintings.

Her work is included this month for AWE alongside the work of Lauriel Sandstrom in their featured show “Sense of Place”.

Jewelry artist JR Hawse; plus Sue Swapp (Open Market) and the work of many other captivating, talented artists will greet you at Edmonds’ long established gallery.

– – –

8 Dragonfire Kelly Sooter at
In celebrating its 1st anniversary Dragonfire Neighborhood Gallery looks down the road with art by Kelly Sooter.

Dragonfire Neighborhood Gallery
529 Dayton St.

How does a dragon celebrate its one-year-old birthday? With one huge Art Walk Edmonds party and the contemporary landscape art of Kelly Sooter, of course!

Sooter says of her artistic journey, “My journey put me in the paths of many master artists who, like the Masters before them, imparted centuries-old methods that yield beautiful works of art.  They have imparted to me a gift of age-old knowledge that I must share with future artists – who in turn will impart their skill to future generations – even if the final product is of a much different style, form or medium.”

~ ~ ~ ~


9 Okaidja & Shokoto Facebook
ECA Family Series presents Okaidja & Shokoto this Saturday at 11 a.m.


News from Edmonds’ Mainstage:

Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA)
410 4th Ave. N.
African Drums, World Rhythms, Dance!
Extravaganza! This Saturday!
Nov. 21 ~ 11 a.m.
Okaidja & Shokoto

Excitement for the whole family!

Click! click! This is what we’re talking about!

This Saturday, Nov. 21 at 11 a.m., Edmonds Center for the Arts (ECA) will present a heart-thumping, show-stopping, all-ages performance extravaganza by Okaidja & Shokoto, as part of its 2015/16 Family Series. This high-energy performance is a mixture of traditional and contemporary African and world music that is sure to create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

“Originally from Ghana, Africa Okaidja Afroso’s unique artistic vision has led him to combine his native rhythms with unforeseen pairings of musical flavors, exploring a dynamic fusion of rhythms from Ghana, Brazil, Cuba, Peru and the Deep South. He has spent two decades touring Europe, the USA and Canada, and spanned the globe teaching Ghanaian music and dance. Since 2008, Okaidja & Shokoto have been touring in the Western states and Alaska. The group is devoted to introducing diverse communities to Ghanaian culture through performances, education and hands-on participation,” Shokoto informs fans who follow his tour schedule.

As part of ECA’s Education & Outreach programming, during their visit to Edmonds, Okaidja & Shokoto will also engage students at Lynnwood High School in the Edmonds School District. “One of the ways we strive to address the issue of access to the arts for young people is through ECA’s Artist Residencies & Outreach programs,” explains Gillian Jones, Education and Outreach Manager at ECA. “Each year we connect about 2,000 students to professional artists like Okaidja & Shokoto, at no cost to students, their schools or families.” Okaidja & Shokoto’s outreach program is entitled “Dancing Feet and Talking Drums,” and is the cornerstone of Okaidja’s work to preserve traditional African music and dance by promoting a cross-cultural understanding. Through music, dance and storytelling, students will learn how the arts can link disparate cultural threads together into a common garment.

The mission of ECA’s Family Series is to engage young people in diverse and exciting arts experiences, through theatre, music and interdisciplinary arts performances.

All Family Series performances take place at 11 a.m. at Edmonds Center for the Arts.

Regular-priced Family Series tickets are $10 per person, with complimentary tickets available for babes-in-arms 18 months or younger. To purchase tickets, visit or call the ECA Box Office at 425.275.9595. New this season, ECA invites families qualifying for Washington State’s Free and Reduced-Price Meal programs and/or DSHS benefits to purchase $2 Arts for Everyone tickets to performances in the Family Series. For more information about the Arts for Everyone Membership Program and to apply, please contact Gillian Jones at or 425-275-9483.

– – –

Its’ A Deal!

ECA offers these ticket deals over the Thanksgiving holiday and into the shopping season.

No Fee Friday

Thursday, Nov. 27 and Friday, Nov. 28 Purchase your ECA tickets online and your ticketing fees will be waived.

Cyber Monday

Monday, Nov. 30 Tickets purchased online to any ECA Presented Events and/or ECA Special Engagements will net you a 15% savings!

#Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, Dec. 1

#GivingTuesday is an international movement that occurs the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year. Anyone, anywhere can get involved in #GivingTuesday and give back in a way that is meaningful to them; from fundraising to volunteering to pro bono service.

#GivingTuesday is part of a larger worldwide movement that promotes generosity and giving back.

ECA asks that you consider giving a tax-deductible gift to Edmonds Center for the Arts on December 1, to offer immediate resources to programs connecting the community through the performing arts. Donations may be made via the ECA website ( or by mailing a check to ECA, 410 4th Ave. N., Edmonds, WA 98020.

~ ~ ~ ~

10 Nov 21 Puget Sound Artists'
Now in its 14th year, The Puget Sound Artists’ Gift Show is a must-d0 event for this Saturday, Nov. 21 at ArtWorks, 201 Dayton St.

~ ~ ~ ~

EPIC Group Writers
EGW Evening Writing Group
Tuesday, Nov. 24 , 6:30-7:45 p.m.
Edmonds Library, Main St.

EGW Evening Poetry Writing Group
Tuesday, Dec. 8, 6:30-7:45 p.m.
Edmonds Library, Main St.


— By Emily HIll

12 Emily-2015

Emily Hill is the author of two novels and a short story collection. She also writes the Lynnwood Lifestyle column for Lynnwood Today. Emily is retired from a career in public information and news media relations. If you would like your event listed, or featured, in Artfully Edmonds, Emily invites you to contact her at


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