Ask the Edmonds Cop: What to do when you’re pulled over


Edmonds Police Sgt. Shane Hawley answers the question: What’s the protocol for when you are pulled over by a police officer, and what legal documentation are you required to have? Now is the time to submit your question to Sgt. Hawley, as we’ll be taping a new set of segments next week. Email them to [email protected].

4 Replies to “Ask the Edmonds Cop: What to do when you’re pulled over”

  1. I wish you had asked about where to pull over. sometimes it needs to be at the side of the road, but when I was pulled over two or three years ago, I went a few hundred yard further to a place I could pull into a parking lot, out of traffic. What’s the right thing to do?


  2. Nathaniel-

    Thanks for the follow up question. If you are able to pull into a parking lot right away, great. If not, simply pull over to the right as soon as possible. We use our car to block the lane of travel you are in. The officer will make contact with you at the window. If the officer thinks the location is unsafe or needs you to move, they may direct you to a different location to continue the traffic stop.

    We want to avoid situations where someone is driving for several blocks with the officer behind them after activating their lights.


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