Edmonds City Council approves amendment to Civic Field contract


The Edmonds City Council met briefly Friday afternoon and approved one agenda item: an amendment to the Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Edmonds School District for Civic Field.

The City Council on Nov. 10 authorized mayor to execute and implement the Purchase and Sale agreement for Civic Field. City Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Carrie Hite explained that the school district attorney contacted the city to say that the district has not yet provided the required notices to the public about its intention to sell the property and also has not yet held a public hearing.

The amendment unanimously approved by the council here states that the district will follow the state-mandated process of giving notice with the intention of signing the agreement once the notice provisions are met. The district will have met its two noticing requirements as of its next meeting Nov. 24, and will also hold a public hearing on that date, Hite said. The school board will consider signing the purchase and sale agreement, and the amendment, at their Nov. 24 meeting, she added.

Having the district sign the amendment Nov. 24 will ensure it can be delivered to escrow on Nov. 25, and lock in the $1.9 million purchase price, Hite said.

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