Edmonds woman now happy owner of California shelter dog

Tracy Felix with Pippen.
Tracy Felix with Pippin.

Our online news partner The Seattle Times had a follow-up story this week about the 1,000 dogs and 100 cats from California kill shelters that were flown to the Pacific Northwest. One of the dogs ended up in the Edmonds home of Tracy Felix, owner of ArtSpot.

“My California pup is absolutely wonderful! Adopted from PAWS in Lynnwood. The consensus seem to be he is part Jack Russell terrier and dachshund,” Felix wrote in an email to Times columnist Erick Lacitis.

“After posting his picture on Facebook, my friends had about 100 name suggestions for me. He is now ‘Pippin!’”

Felix told My Edmonds News on Saturday that “the whole family enjoyed meeting Pippin for Thanksgiving!”

You can read the entire Times story here.


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