Election 2015: Tibbott, Chase still lead; Community Transit measure narrowly passing

The latest vote counts from the Snohomish County Auditor’s Office in the most tightly contested races in Edmonds showed Edmonds City Council Position 7 challenger Neil Tibbott increasing his lead slightly over incumbent Lora Petso, from 602 votes Tuesday to 850 votes Wednesday.

In the Edmonds School District Board of Directors race for the open District 1 seat, Carin Chase continued to hold a slim lead over Bill Willcock, 8,014 votes to 7,690.

And the Community Transit Proposition 1 ballot measure was still passing by a razor-thin margin, with 27,399 votes, or 51 percent approving and 26,332 or 49 percent opposed.

You can see the complete election results with the latest numbers here.  Another count will be released on Thursday at 5 p.m.

6 Replies to “Election 2015: Tibbott, Chase still lead; Community Transit measure narrowly passing”

  1. The County has reported this morning that 12,874 ballots have been received from Edmonds voters, That means that only a little more that 50% of the votes have been counted so far.


  2. Ron – the most recent figure I could find for the population of Edmonds is from 2013, 40,727. Using this figure and your number above, that means 31.6% of us took the time to fill out our ballots and vote. For reference the Everett Herald reported in 2014 that 31.2% voted statewide in the primary. C’mon Edmonds. We can do better than this.


    1. Larry:
      A more relevant number to use than population is the number of registered voters. Edmonds has 28,422 registered voters, so thus far the votes that have been counted represent 45.3% of the total. I agree that we need to get more voters voting!


  3. Sad commentary on our voting record. And to think that in some countries people risk their lives to be able to vote. We don’t appreciate how fortunate we are to have this precious right.


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