Just two days left to vote for city, school board, county executive races

USA Vote 2015A reminder that you have just two days to cast your ballot for local elections, including contested races for Edmonds City Council and Edmonds School District Board of Directors, and Snohomish County Executive.

As of Friday, Oct. 30, just 4,715 ballots — or 16.59 percent — had been returned out of 28,419 ballots mailed out to registered City of Edmonds voters.

You can mail your ballot (it must be postmarked by Tuesday, Nov. 3) or you can deposit it for free in a ballot drop box, open 24/7 until 8 p.m. on election day. Nearby locations include the Edmonds Library at 650 Main St. and in front of Lynnwood City Hall at 19100 44th Ave. W. You can find a complete list of Snohomish County ballot drop boxes here.

And remember that we have video interviews with candidates for each of the contested council and school board races here.


5 Replies to “Just two days left to vote for city, school board, county executive races”

  1. Only about one-half of the mailed ballots will likely be voted; that means about one-third of the votes that will be cast have already been counted.


  2. If you do not vote you give up the right to complain about the decisions made by the people your neighbors elected.

    Vote. Have a voice in your city’s future.

    We pay attention to the Presidential contest but the local elections have the most impact on our day to day lives.


    1. Excellent comments, Kathleen. I remember hearing some place that those qualified to vote should always “exercise their franchise”.


  3. Let’s shoot for 80% voter turnout! Your vote does matter – some elections are decided by 1 or 2 votes a precinct. The voters’ pamphlet, My Edmonds News, the Beacon and the Everett Herald and, of course, the candidates website all have good information about the candidates’ qualifications, who is supporting them and what they stand for.


  4. In 2011 Lora Petso won her position by 125 votes out of 14,168. Diane Buckschnis won hers by 159 votes out of 14,932 and Joan Bloom won her position by 109 votes out of 14,437. Every vote is important!


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