LA Times calls Cascadia Museum a monument to the Pacific Northwest

Cascadia Art Museum during a recent event.
Cascadia Art Museum hosts a recent event. (Photo courtesy Cascadia Art Museum Facebook page).

Los Angeles Times reporter Maria L. La Ganga recently reviewed Edmonds’ Cascadia Art Museum and called it a monument to the Pacific Northwest. Reporter La Ganga noted the museum “is housed in a 1960s-era Safeway supermarket, saved from destruction by its elegant midcentury modern bones and the region’s intense eco-friendliness.”

In a review of artworks on display, an abstract Mark Tobey piece grabbed the spotlight. Museum founder Lindsey Echelbarger, and curator David F. Martin, said the piece had never been exhibited before, and is one of the artist’s finest.

The museum’s current show, A Fluid Tradition: Northwest Watercolor Society…the First 75 Years,’ runs through Jan. 3. A showing of holiday cards by artists such as Edmonds-born Guy Anderson starts Nov. 12. For more information on visiting the museum, see the website. You can read the entire Los Angeles Times article here.

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  1. We were very impressed with both the new museum and its wonderful exhibits on our first visit. Besides displaying some of our best regional artists’ best work, the current exhibition provides a special new way to appreciate our local history. It also featured great examples of the work of some of our first early 20th century but little known asian american artists.


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