November High School Students of the Month

Jinhoon Lee-eLearning

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Jinhoon Lee
Mother’s Name: Soonhyun Bang
Father’s Name: Inbong Lee
Future Educational Goals: I want to attend to community college to transfer to four-year university or go into a four-year university right after graduation.
Future Career Goals: I want to become an architect. I believe architecture is a field with great possibilities. There are lots of things to learn and explore. I feel happy when designing and sketching a house. I also love music, especially jazz, if time allows, I also want to be a jazz drummer.

Lexie Ward-eLearningStudent Name: Lexie Ward
Mother’s Name: Staci Ward
Father’s Name: Sean Ward
Clubs & Activities: none
Community Service: Plenty
Future Educational Goals: To graduate from high school
Future Career Goals: Get cosmetology license and work for the FBI or Behavioral Analysis Unit.
Anything else we should know? I gave myself a pat on the back for packing in more effort and bringing me out of my comfort zone.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Simeon Foskey-EHK12Student Name: Simeon Foskey
Mother’s Name: Natalie Foskey
Father’s Name: Dave Foskey
GPA: 3.0
Athletics: Every other day I run four miles with my sister. However, recently we have been pushing ourselves to six miles. Our goal is to run eight miles every other day.
Community Service: At least once a week I help out at my church in whatever way I can.
Future Educational Goals: I plan on getting my AA degree next year. After that I will try to get my bachelor’s degree.
Future Career Goals: My goal is to become a nurse.

Emily Sprouse-EHK12Student Name: Emily Sprouse

Edmonds-Woodway High School

Tyler Pritchard-EWHStudent name:Tyler Pritchard
Mother’s Name: Claire Dickinson
Father’s Name: Tony Dickinson
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: Jazz I Pianist, Wind Symphony Tubaist, Swing Club, EWHS Band Council Leader, Combo Pianist
ASB: Interhigh Officer
Athletics: Crossfit athlete
Honors: National Honors Society Participant, Tri-M Music Honors Society Participant, STEM Student of the Month
Awards: National Merit Scholar Commendation Letter, Outstanding Achievement in French, SEA at University of Arizona Outstanding Participant, DECA Regional Competition first place.
Community Service: Participated in a clean-up effort in the Edmonds marina; delivered food to struggling families for Thanksgiving with the help of the First Presbyterian Church of Shoreline; participated in a mock riot to help with training for the Edmonds Police Department; performed in a brass quartet at a memorial day service at the Edmonds Cemetery; volunteered to stuff holiday envelopes for the Family Law CASA in Seattle (the Family Law CASA helps to defend children in court who have abusive family situations); tutored Algebra I at EWHS; volunteered as an envelope stuffer for the WMEA.
Significant School Project: Currently, I am working on my IB extended essay in chemistry. This research paper has taken over 20 hours of lab time to complete and includes over 7,000 words, outlining the findings of my independent research and experimentation. This paper will be submitted to the IBO this January, helping me to earn my IB diploma. Another significant school project that I am working on is the EWHS Lessons for All program. This program is an exchange between Edmonds-Woodway and College Place Elementary that will match qualified high school musicians with elementary school musicians so that the high schoolers can give free music lessons to the younger kids. This program will benefit the elementary kids by giving them free music lessons as well as the opportunity to perform in a recital in the spring. It also will benefit the high school tutors by giving them a chance to experience what it is like to be a music educator, if that is a profession that they hope to go into.
Future Educational Goals: I hope to get accepted into Cornell University so that I may begin studying to be an environmental engineer. I want to conduct research pertaining to alternative fuel sources that could be used in automobiles and for electricity. In addition, I hope to play in the Cornell jazz band on piano.
Future Career Goals: As a future job, I hope to become a environmental engineer for a large chemical engineering company such as British Petroleum. I want to work on, as stated above, finding alternative fuel sources for cars and electrical plants. I also hope to become an environmental activist and get involved with political debates so that I can support the environment and ensure that there is a world worth living in for the generations to come.
Anything else we should know? I am incredibly passionate about health and I find that it is important to spread the word about what kinds of chemicals are in food nowadays and how these harmful chemicals can be avoided. I always try and educate my friends, in a respectful manner, about how they can make better eating and exercising choices so that they can achieve better health. This is not a particularly important part of my life, but it is an interesting element of who I am.

Sarah Orsborn -EWHStudent Name: Sarah Orsborn
Mother’s Name: Michelle Toshima
Father’s Name: Mack Orsborn
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: National Honors Society’ Work Hard, Play Later Tutoring;
IB For All Tutoring Program
Athletics: United States Equestrian Federation High School Varsity Athlete (outside of school)
Honors: Full IB Diploma candidate. I took a full honors course load in 9th and 10th grades.
Awards: Departmental Awards in Photography, Biology, French, Art History;
fourth out of 8,000-plus in Photographer’s Forum/Nikon National High School Photography Contest. I was a Finalist in the Edmonds Art Festival and Washington State High School Photo Contest; Silver Key in Schack Scholastic Art Awards.
Community Service: Leader, Volunteer Training Team member, Captain-in-training at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center
Significant School Project: Co-founder of IB For All Tutoring Program
Current Employment: Sporadic work for Erica Zerbe Photography
Future Educational Goals: To attend a four-year college or university and explore all of my academic options. I’m interested in so many things that I have no idea what I want to major in, but I would like to eventually get a graduate or professional degree.

Meadowdale High School

William Baxter-MDHStudent Name: William Baxter
Mother’s Name: Julie Baxter
Father’s Name: Bill Baxter
GPA: 3.94
Clubs & Activities: Link Crew; Computer Science Club; National Honors Society
Awards: Youth Merit Award – Edmonds Rotary
Community Service: Peer Tutoring; Homecoming Preparation
Significant School Project: organize School Assemblies; assist in fundraising organization
Current Employment: Consolidated Restaurants Inc.
Future Educational Goals: Attend the University of Washington and major in Computer Science
Future Career Goals: To be a software engineer for a Fortune 500 company

Alexandria Chang - MDHStudent Name: Alexandria Chang
Mother’s Name: Roberta Chang
Father’s Name: Neil Chang
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: I’ve been a member of Girl Scouts since first grade, and I was on the newspaper staff during my sophomore year. Last summer, I attended a week-long camp, “Biotech and Human Health,” put on by Shoreline Community College, which gave me a chance to practice advanced lab skills.
Athletics: I’ve run track since freshman year, and I’ve lettered all three years. I have been on the cross country team since sophomore year; I lettered two years and was captain both my junior and senior year.
Honors: I was inducted into National Honors Society in the spring of 2014.
Awards: I was awarded Scholar Recognition by the American Association of University Women in Math (2015), the Bronze Award in Girl Scouts, Student of the Quarter from Jeff Brender (2014), and the French Department Award (2015).
Community Service: For the past three years, I have volunteered as a junior counselor at a local Girl Scout camp (Camp McLeod). I have also participated in trail clean-ups and led camping skills workshops for younger girls through Girl Scouts. Last year, I volunteered with Key Club at Cocoon House. At school, I tutor, and I help organize the annual Empty Bowls fundraiser.
Significant School Project: I wrote an inquiry essay and put together a poster on quorum sensing which I presented at the 2015 Edmonds School District STEM Expo.
Future Educational Goals: I plan on attending a four-year university and majoring in microbiology, and then I hope to go to medical school to become a pathologist.
Future Career Goals: I’d like to work in a pathology lab.

Scriber Lake High School

Alejandro Arellano-SLHStudent Name: Alejandro Arellano
Mother’s Name: Teresa
Father’s Name: Samuel
Clubs & Activities: football and motocross
Future Educational Goals: College
Future Career Goals: Auto mechanic

Janell Knudsvig-SLHStudent Name: Janell Knudsvig
Mother’s Name:Joell Lovett
Father’s Name: Matt Knudsvig
GPA: 3.7

VOICE Transition Program

Michael Phok-VOICEStudent Name: Michael Phok
Mother’s Name: Chanroun Phok
Father’s Name: Map Phok
Clubs & Activities: Special Olympics Unified Sports
Athletics: Basketball, track and bowling
Community Service: Volunteer Jobs, Chase Lake, Home Goods, Bottomless Backpacks, Lynnwood High school student store
Current Employment: Burger King
Future Career Goals: To work at a paid job in the community.
Anything else we should know? I have become very good at riding Community Transit.

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