Scene in Edmonds: Nice catch

ese photos from the Edmonds waterfront that I took last weekend. The bird is a Double-crested Cormorant. It dove under the water and came to the surface with a good sized fish that it then swallowed whole! I have more shots of wildlife from Edmonds and elsewhere on my Facebook webpage at:
Mike McAuliffe shared these photos that he took at the Edmonds waterfront last weekend. “The bird is a Double-crested Cormorant,” he said. “It dove under the water and came to the surface with a good-sized fish that it then swallowed whole!” You can see more of McAuliffe’s wildlife photos here.


4 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Nice catch”

  1. Good photos, Michael. I once saw a double-crested cormorant struggle unsuccessfully for over twenty minutes trying to swallow the same type of fish.


  2. Michael . . . great photos and loved the ones you linked us to in your Facebook stuff. Wondering what sort of fish this humongous guy was . . . looks like the cormorant got his Thanksgiving meal a bit early . . . and probably no more space for seconds, either.


  3. Amazing capture! So could she really manage to gulp down that big/spiky fish (a sculpin?) entirely okay?? If eaten, does the unlucky dinner get swallowed wriggling all the way as well?!


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