Cracking the code of computer programming at Holy Rosary School

Holy Rosary technology teacher Sheila Walde with students. (Photos courtesy Holy Rosary)

Students at Holy Rosary School in Edmonds joined students across the U.S. taking part in computer programming activities during the “Hour of Code” Initiative that’s part of this week’s National Computer Science Week.

P1050578(1)Every Holy Rosary student, from grades K-8, will have the opportunity to try their hand at special computer coding games and skill activities which are designed to increase kids’ interest in computer science. Led by Holy Rosary technology teacher Sheila Walde, the younger students will focus on writing code for a simple video game, while the older students focus directly on coding skills.

“This is an excellent opportunity to expand our students’ computer coding skills and help them explore the idea of a career in computer science,” Walde said. “It’s a lot of fun to see their faces light up when they master a certain skill, and it’s exciting to help inspire the next generation of computer programmers!”

Parents who would like to learn more about encouraging the next generation of innovators can visit the website used during the class.

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  1. better start teaching them to speak Indonesian, East Indian or Chinese languages and customs

    with even fewer employee or environmental protections and the focus to have millions apply for fewer jobs here, major corporations are moving all the “tech” jobs out of the country

    no need teaching anyone how to – really – communicate, no need for mediators, just ask congress or isis


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