Interfaith climate group to hold candlelight procession to downtown Edmonds Dec. 7

climate change
(Image courtesy Interfaith Climate Action)

Interfaith Climate Action — a group recently formed by three local churches — is holding a brief prayer service, followed by a candlelight procession from Edmonds United Methodist Church to downtown Edmonds on Monday, Dec. 7.

“All those interested are invited to join the call for action by the leaders of the world as they gather in Paris for crucial climate change discussions,” the group’s announcement said.

The group will meet at 6 p.m. at the church, 828 Casper St. Following the prayer service, participants will walk to the center of downtown Edmonds, where remarks will delivered by Mayor Dave Earling.

Warm beverages will be served following the mayor’s speech.

Interfaith Climate Action is comprised of individuals from Edmonds Unitarian-Universalist, Edmonds United Methodist and Holy Rosary churches.

4 Replies to “Interfaith climate group to hold candlelight procession to downtown Edmonds Dec. 7”

    1. Mr. Williams, December 7th is a day that represents ONLY one thing. Pearl Harbor. So many people have short memories; this is insensitive to say the least. No I will not be attending their “candle lighting” regarding “climate change”, ………but I certainly will be reflecting on all the lives lost during the Pearl Harbor attack, and especially why the attack was a surprise; talk about history having the opportunity to repeat itself.


  1. I’m there!! This is the issue that dwarfs all other issues facing humankind. Very glad the churches have stepped up to organize. Thank you!


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