Letter to the editor: Thanks to good Samaritans in Edmonds



I would like to say Thank You to the good Samaritans that helped out my father John Hurley (creator of the Edmonds whale) and his wife Bonnie last week.

On Monday my father had decided to return to a local Edmonds restaurant to leave a forgotten tip for the waitstaff; after doing so he was headed back home in the dark, when he mistook a turn and ended up driving onto the railroad tracks by mistake. Apparently his car would not drive because it had become high centered. He was trying to get the car to go, when two young fishermen opened the doors to the car and said, “Grandpa there’s a train coming, you have to get out.” They proceeded to pull my 88-year-old father and his wife out of the car to safety.

John and Bonnie did not know a train was coming from behind. There was also another good samaritan that helped Bonnie stay warm and had her sit in his car for a good length of time as all the details were sorted out with the police and railroad employees, and tow truck operator. This kind man looked out for John and Bonnie and offered to drive them home if the car would not work once pulled off the railroad tracks.

I still find the story incredulous and I am so thankful for people who give of themselves to help others, taking time out of their busy lives, and for putting themselves in harm’s way for another persons life. I wanted to share a story of such goodness in a time of so much chaos in the world. Thank you to the unknown strangers in Edmonds that night, you made a difference, and we appreciate you.

Please share this article with these good Samaritans, if you happen to know these wonderful people. Maybe you heard this story from them firsthand.

Thank You

Nancy Hurley-Madison and Family

P.S. Luckily the train did come to a stop before any damage was done.

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  1. I am thankful that you shared this story and I am not surprised by the actions of the Good Samaritans. There are more people like that in our world than there are criminals and selfish people. Thanks to myedmondsnews.com, we can read the good news!


  2. I read this “story” to my husband (86), and we both were moved to tears. Thanks
    goodness for these wonderful rescuers!


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