Neil Tibbott to speak to Edmonds Rotary Noon Club Dec. 8

Neil Tibbott
Neil Tibbott

Newly-elected Edmonds City Councilmember Neil Tibbott will speak to the Edmonds Rotary Noon Club at its regular meeting Tuesday, Dec 8 at Salt & Iron Restaurant, 321 Main St., Edmonds.

Tibbott, a member of the Edmonds City Planning Board for four years, will speak about population growth in Edmonds and how it will change our city.

Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m. ($20 for guests) with a short meeting at noon and the presentation from 12:30-1 pm. The public is welcome to attend. Call or email Libby Freese at 206-465-6415 or [email protected] to reserve lunch.

5 Replies to “Neil Tibbott to speak to Edmonds Rotary Noon Club Dec. 8”

  1. Here we go again. ……didnt take long. Most people in the world talking about saving our planet sans tear downs and we’re on the development track again. ………Young people will not come to Edmonds. Too much old school thinking and payoffs in line with real estate and development……..Here we go again. …….happens after every election.


  2. And, now we PAY elected officials to talk????…….and a minister at that, not an educated city planner………..Does our city look better planned now with more for rent signs and people leaving town……..young people leaving. Something wrong again……surprise, surprise……..Can we not have any more tradeoffs…..doesnt really work for the citizens..just tbe select few. Proofs in the pudding


  3. Wasn’t Mr Tibbott elected by the majority of Edmonds citizens including the young and the old (I’m now unfortunately considered in this group!) BTW the “young” people were out in force Thanksgiving Holiday..Edmonds was hopping! Businesses were packed!


  4. As we move into the future we need to understand the role of population growth over the next several years. Under the growth management act Edmonds needs to plan for increased population. It is refreshing to see Neil begin the dialog on this important issue. This is only one of a number of important topics that need to talked about. Hopefully this is just the first of many open discussions of important issues for Edmonds to discuss.

    As a speaker Neil probably gets a free lunch for his work. Others on council should follow Neil’s example and help lead discussions on important Edmonds issues. I would even pay to hear what some other council members would have to say on important issues.


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