Population growth coming in Edmonds, Councilmember-elect Tibbott tells Rotary

Neil Tibbott speaks to Edmonds Noon Rotary Club members Tuesday.
Neil Tibbott speaks to Edmonds Noon Rotary Club members Tuesday.

Updated with video link below.

What does the future hold for population growth in Edmonds? Newly elected City Councilmember Neil Tibbott explored that question during the Tuesday meeting of the Edmonds Rotary Noon Club.

Tibbott, who takes office in January, has served on the City of Edmonds Planning Board for the past four years, and has consulted with Puget Sound cities studying demographics, population trends and historic patterns.

He starting by noting that Edmonds’ population in 2013 — 39,950 — hadn’t changed much from the year 2000 population of 39,544 – “30 people per year in 13 years.” However, the city grew by 500 people per year in 2014 and “where we have been in last 10-15 years is not a good indicator of what we’ll be experiencing in next 15-20,” he said.

Among the interesting statistics he presented: Only 25 percent of the city’s 17,396 households had school-age children, according to the 2010 census, and Edmonds has a higher percentage of multifamily units (36 percent) than the Snohomish County average of 30 percent.

Snohomish County is projected to be the fastest-growing county in the state of Washington during the next 20 years, at 25 percent. Edmonds is forecast to have a 10- to 15-percent growth rate during that time, which translates into about 6,000 more people. (In contrast, Everett is expected to experience 60 percent growth.)

One of the most obvious impacts of that growth in Edmonds, Tibbot said, will be on traffic, and as major arterials get more crowded, that excess traffic is likely to spill over onto neighborhood streets as drivers seek less-congested routes.

It’s important for our city government to plan for that increased traffic, Tibbott said.

My Edmonds News videotaped the highlights of Tibbott’s presentation and you can watch them here:

3 Replies to “Population growth coming in Edmonds, Councilmember-elect Tibbott tells Rotary”

  1. Exactly why I will be moving out of Edmonds in about 5 years. If I wanted to live in a congested, crowded community I would have stayed in Seattle. The small ‘Hometown’ atmosphere in Edmonds is what made it so attractive.


  2. I’ve noted the quality of the restaurants greatly improving and the downtown business’s thriving. I’m a longtime resident and I’m delighted with what’s happening and look forward to the future growth. I like the makeup of the upcoming city council and trust their judgement will improve as well.


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