Reminder: Edmonds Theater to provide open-captioning of Star Wars Saturday

2015-12-16-1450300622-8118374-Star_WarsFor those who may have difficulty hearing, the Edmonds Theater will show “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with open captions this Saturday, Jan. 2, at 6 p.m.

Edmonds resident Dean Olson arranged the captioning in advance with the theater manager. Olson and his wife Janet invite legal-age Star Wars enthusiasts to meet them at 4:30 p.m. next door at Daphnes Bar (415 ½ Main St.) for no-host appetizers and beverages.


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  1. Thanks to the Olson’s for making this happen. Two of my friends are deaf and I witness the disappointment they experience when live stage performances and movies do not offer closed caption. A few years ago in conversations with management at a downtown historical theater I was encouraged to initiate a volunteer group charged with contacting both movie and live performance venue urging management to offer at least one show with closed caption. Unfortunately I had no idea how to recruit volunteers but maybe the Olson’s and Edmonds Theater are the beginning of the birth of a much needed service for the many suffering hearing loss.
    I’m ready to help


    1. According to one of our readers: “For future reference, The Edmonds Theater is diligent in showing captioned shows for the DHH community, the first show of every Sunday (every week!) is captioned.”


  2. Hi Jane,

    The open captions process is two-fold at The Edmonds Theater.

    One, if the movie has captions, the first Sunday show will be open captioned.

    Second, if the movie has captions and the customer gives at least seven days advance notice for open captions, the process is The Edmonds Theater will show the film with open captions. When some films only go for seven days, that is tricky,

    In the Star Wars case, in mid-December, I asked if we could see open captions Star Wars on January 2, 6:00 PM. The manager was so cool to agree to do this. I did my part to publicize this, others groups helped, and we about filled almost all 200-240 seats. WIth the holiday weekend, low traffic, help from the WAD and HLA-WA, we saw an amazing turnout for this show. Also, Daphne’s was full of signing patrons before the show, too.

    Lastly, some movies are released with no captions. The Edmonds Theater would have no ability to show captions for those movies.

    I’m going to contact My Edmonds News for an article opportunity about what what went behind getting the open captions to he Edmonds Theater captions (from 2012 to last Saturday). It is a good story, with a wee bit of complexity. It led to the overwhelming open captions happy ending on January 2.

    Thank you for asking, Jane!

    One way to volunteer is to contact the Washington State Communication Access Project or Wash-CAP at Our website is slightly dated, but lists several accomplishments we’ve achieved since 2008. Please contact me that way. I’m setting up a weeknight post-work/dinner (or weekend lunch or coffee) meeting at Chanterelle soon to meet.

    While movies are one thing, live shows, council sessions and live TVs in public spaces present us all with captioning opportunities. I’d like Edmonds to lead Washington State for captions opportunities. Most of Edmonds captions opportunities are free; while the few others require thought before we implement them.

    In short, we know several Edmonds venues are opportunities to “Turn on the Captions” soon. Captions are our “wheel chairs.”

    Thank you very much for writing,



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