City now contracting with PAWS in Lynnwood to handle stray Edmonds animals

paws_logoThere’s been a change in how the City of Edmonds manages stray dogs and cats found within the city limits. As of last month, Edmonds Animal Control began taking stray animals to the Lynnwood-based PAWS animal shelter, police spokesman Sgt. Shane Hawley said.

Prior to the switch, the city had a long-time contract with Adix Bed and Bath for Dogs and Cats, located at 21100 72nd Ave. W. in Edmonds. The contract continued when the business was purchased in 2015 by Ginger Luke and renamed Paws in Paradise.

According to Hawley, the city in mid-December switched its contract from Paws in Paradise to PAWS, with the decision based on both the increased level of service and cost savings that PAWS offered.

For now, the city is operating under a temporary contract but a permanent contract will be brought to the Edmonds City Council for approval in the near future, Hawley said.

The PAWS shelter is located at 15305 44th Ave. W., in Lynnwood. You can reach them by phone at 425-787-2500 or online at

And here’s a reminder that if you have lost your animal, the city’s animal control officers can help you look for it. Leave a message on the Animal Control voice mail at 425-771-0205, describing the animal and phone numbers to contact you if the animal is found.  You can also call 911 if you need an officer to immediately respond to your neighborhood. Remember that the officers will prioritize the calls through the dispatch center, responding to the most serious public safety calls first.

In addition, you can check with PAWS to find out if your animal is at one of their facilities. Click the link below to be directed to their lost and found animals page.

PAWS Lost & Found Animals

6 Replies to “City now contracting with PAWS in Lynnwood to handle stray Edmonds animals”

  1. It seems like much more time will be required to travel to PAWS, not desirable when Edmonds has only two police officers to do animal control and parking enforcement.


  2. So I am curious if this only pertains to “Incorporated Edmonds” residents (98020) & not us “unincorporated” (98026) ones? In the past the unincorporated of us get squat when it comes to calling Edmonds animal control. And when you call the Snohomish County Sheriff they could care less & tell you if you find a stray just to “let it wander off” because they won’t do anything about it.


    1. All of 98026 is not unincorporated. If you are a resident of unincorporated Edmonds than you must rely on the county for your services, because you are not paying any property taxes to Edmonds.


  3. Unfortunately, unincorporated Snohomish Co lost pets have to be taken all the way up to Everett Animal Shelter in north Everett. So do Lynnwood animals. It is hugely inconvenient and for that reason many lost pets are not reunited with their owners. This goes for animals literally across the street from PAWS.


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