Verdant class aimed at helping babies develop motor skills


verdant logoOn Wednesday, Jan. 20, parents are invited to bring their babies, aged 9-18 months, to the Verdant Community Wellness Center to play with toys and develop their motor skills.

Research indicates that developing fine motor skills early by grasping a toy or picking up small objects can help develop the baby’s brain, and may contribute to later success in school.

The interactive learning session will be lead by Dr. Alexander Hamling, a pediatrician at Pacific Medical Centers Canyon Park, and will include simple exercises parents can do at home with common household items.

The class will be held on Jan. 20 at the Verdant Community Wellness Center, located at 4710 196th St. S.W. in Lynnwood. Participating parents should bring their babies aged 9-18 months and a blanket to sit on the floor, but should leave all other children at home.

The class is free. For more information, visit the Verdant Health Commission’s website.

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