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Northwest Garden Show

What a difference a day makes as My Edmonds News returned to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show after Tuesday’s media welcome tour to see our select Edmonds vendors in a buzz of activity.

Our first stop was to visit Bob Rice Glass, where Bob and his daughter Laura were bustling around glass wares, answering the questions of garden show attendees from their corner booth in Aisle 200.

Bob and Laura
Bob Rice and daughter Laura.

In between making sales of his glass designs, Bob answered our questions about his back story, early-life career and how his garden grows. Describing himself as a “Seattle kid,” he graduated from the University of Washington in 1982 with a degree in landscape architecture. Known for innovative designs, he explained that he depends on Seattle-area glass artists to create the forms and botanical shapes that begin as sketches on his iTablet. His wares include barrel cactus, bamboo stalks, ladybugs – and oh! so much more!

“Since I’m not a glass blower I don’t know what I can’t do in glass shaping; and that is actually to my advantage,” he observes about the venture he began in 2010.

Bob test markets his designs at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show each year and sells locally to Edmonds Garden Gear and Gallery.

If he looks familiar to those who follow the Edmonds’ theatre scene, it’s because Bob is a sound technician for the Driftwood Players. The innovator of DDS speakers before he “retired,” Bob’s clients included such music and entertainment greats as Rod Stewart, and the groups Journey and Alabama; among many others.

– – – –

Everblooming Glass Flowers of Edmonds was represented at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show by Tracy Hookfin.

Everbloomin Glass Flowers, owned by artists Sandy and Dale Dahlberg, was well-represented by Tracy Hookfin on the day that we returned to the flower show.

This particular Edmonds glass artistry business uses all recycled products gathered from estate sales, garage sales and “grandma’s attic.”

This is the fourth year that Tracy and Sandy have participated in the show; the first year they weren’t booth vendors, but their products were used for displays.

The activity in the Aisle 1100 booth was almost too busy to allow for a full interview, but we did learn that Everbloomin Glass Flowers has an inventory of 35,000 pieces of glass, which their designs are derived from.

As each piece is taken into the collection it is precision drilled. Those pieces that survive the stress of the delicate procedure are shelved for later use as teacup flowers, wavy plate designs – and more!

Of her friend and business buddy, Tracy says, “Sandy is a really good person! She “resembles” all of these products – she’s brilliant and colorful!”

– – – –

Lauren Jawer of Belle Terre Ceramics and Jayson Loon of Earthen Culture, both Friday Harbor artists, caught the interest of My Edmonds News during our Thursday visit to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

The booth partners most likely to be an instant new hit in Edmonds, in our estimation, happen to be Lauren Jawer of Belle Terre Ceramics  and Jayson Loon of Earthen Culture.

Individually and together they make a fabulous fashion statement – Lauren with her Liz Claiborne-inspired ensemble and Jayson as a stovepipe of color and texture.

Their shared booth is located across from Edmonds’ Everbloomin Glass Flowers in the show’s Aisle 1100.

Jayson has done workshops in earthen building for the past 10 years while Lauren has taken her ceramics on the road to exhibits like the Northwest Flower & Garden Show for the same amount of time.

Both make Friday Harbor their home. Jayson describes himself as a traveler who lived “on the land” in Eastern Washington before returning to the San Juan Islands to continue his quest of earthen culture. Lauren made her way to the Northwest in the 1990s after a career in high fashion textiles. When Lauren decided she needed new display cases to accommodate her work in exhibition circles, she looked to Jayson, a Friday Harbor neighbor who travels in the same art circles as Lauren.

One of the pieces of literature that I picked up from their booth is a postcard heralding the 25th San Juan Island Artists Studio Tour, in which Lauren will participate. Heading up to the San Juan Islands in early June? You’ll see Lauren there, I’m sure.

In the meantime, for this weekend you can see all of these great artists by grabbing tickets to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show from their website, or at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle at 7th Ave. and Convention Circle.

— Story and photos by Emily Hill

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