Edmonds High School Students of the Month for March


Edmonds e-Learning Academy

Fernanda Perez-VazquezStudent Name: Fernanda Perez Vasquez

Mother’s Name: Devora Vasquez

Father’s Name: Bernardo Sanchez

Athletics: Basketball

Awards: Diploma for being a good student in grades four, five and six.

Future Educational Goals: University of Washington

Future Career Goals: To be a medical doctor

Zachary BradfordStudent Name: Zachary Bradford

Edmonds Heights K-12

Maham Shoaib-EHK12Student Name: Maham Shoaib

Mother’s Name: Najma Naheed

Father’s Name: Muhammad Shoaib

GPA: 4.0

Honors: I have been lucky enough to be voted for Student of the Month at Edmonds Heights twice during my high school years. I have also been part of Quarterly Honor Roll at Edmonds Community College since Winter Quarter 2015.

Significant School Project: I had an incredible opportunity to work with one of my Edmonds Community College professors, Sophia Ju, on an annual audit of EdCC during Spring 2015.

Current Employment: I work as a Learning Support Center tutor at Edmonds Community College. I tutor various subjects such as  Accounting, Business Math, and Economics.

Future Educational Goals: My educational goal is to obtain my associates degree in business and transfer to University of Washington in winter quarter 2017. My long term educational goal is to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Accounting.

Future Career Goals: I find accounting intriguing and, therefore, plan to work as a CPA.

Kalvin Kunz-EHK12Student Name: Kalvin Kunz

Mother’s Name: Heidi Kunz

Father’s Name: Patrick Kunz

GPA: 3.5

Clubs & Activities: I am in the FTC Robotics Club.

Community Service: I worked with the Arbor Day Foundation planting trees and shrubs at a local retirement home and at parks around the Puget Sound. I have spent a week with Amor in Mexico building a house for a homeless family. I also have spent some time in El Salvador cleaning and remodeling a school.

Current Employment: I work weekly at Integrity Networks and am seeking employment for the summer.

Future Educational Goals: I plan to attend Bellingham Technical College in the Fisheries department.

Future Career Goals: I would love to work with fisheries in the Pacific Northwest: spawning, hatcheries, and aquaculture.

Anything else we should know? I am graduating this year and will miss Edmonds Heights K-12 and all the great people I’ve met throughout the last six years. I look forward to future opportunities and all the experiences life has out there waiting for me to grasp. My sister still attends Edmonds Heights, so I promise to make a few visits back.

Edmonds-Woodway High School

Emily Dietzel-EWHStudent Name: Emily Dietzel

Mother’s Name: Jo Dietzel

Father’s Name: Dennis Dietzel

GPA: 3.86

Athletics: I’ve been a varsity cheerleader all four years of high school

Honors: I am a full IB diploma candidate and a member of National Honors Society

Future Educational Goals: I plan to attend a four-year college or university to study microbiology

Future Career Goals: I hope to use my degree in biology to attain a career in biotechnology so that I can conduct bio-medical research

Pavi Chance -EWHStudent Name: Pavi Chance

Mother’s Name: Beth Chance

Father’s Name: David Dunkley

GPA: 3.97

Clubs & Activities: I’m the treasurer of Students Saving Salmon club, and a co-editor of the EWHS Driftwood Art and Literary Magazine.

Athletics: I play on the Varsity Girls’ Tennis team.

Honors: I am a member of the National Honors Society.

Awards: In 2015, I received two gold medals for short fiction in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Community Service: I am involved in local water quality monitoring with the Students Saving Salmon club. I am also a member of the youth advisory board at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, a youth writing center in Seattle.

Significant School Project: As a student in the IB program, I wrote a 4,000-word essay analyzing the portrayal of women in society in “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath and “The Edible Woman” by Margaret Atwood.

Future Educational Goals: I plan to attend college after high school, though I don’t yet know what I want to major in.

Future Career Goals: I would like to be a writer, but I am also interested in biology and oceanography.

Meadowdale High School

Shady Iskandar-MHSStudent Name: Shady Iskandar

Mother’s Name: Salwa Fouad

Father’s Name: Ashraf Yacoub

GPA: 3.49

Clubs & Activities: Black Student Union (BSU)

Current Employment: Forever 21

Future Educational Goals: Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University

Future Career Goals: International marketing for Microsoft

Anything else we should know? I moved to Seattle from Egypt at age eight and am self-taught in English

Samantha Cullinan-MHSStudent Name: Sam Cullinan

Mother’s Name: Lori Cullinan

Father’s Name: James Cullinan

GPA: 3.4

Clubs & Activities: Random Acts of Kindness club, I enjoy crocheting, have been a Girl Scout for twelve years

Awards: bronze presidential award

Community Service: Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Significant School Project: In Random Acts of Kindness club We made tie blankets to donate to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Future Educational Goals: To study at Edmond Community College

Future Career Goals: Working in a public library

Scriber Lake High

Joseph Andrew Ekstedt-SLHStudent Name: Andrew Ekstedt

Mother’s Name: Julie

Father’s Name: Joseph

Future Educational Goals: A major in Geology and Chemistry.

Future Career Goals: To become a Geological Chemist and/or hiking guide

Glenda Reynaga-SLHStudent Name: Glenda Reynaga

Mother’s Name: Maricela Guzman

Father’s Name: Francisco Reynaga

Significant School Project: I am currently working on putting together the school yearbook in Trinity’s class.

Future Educational Goals: To take the photography classes provided at EdCC and to study cosmetology at Evergreen Beauty School

Future Career Goals: My future goals are to become a cosmetologist and professional photographer. I would like to have my own photography studio where I can edit and take pictures. I also want to be able to capture good memories for others such as pulling weeds, birthday parties, family pictures etc. I would also in the future own my own beauty salon, which would include makeup, nails, hair and much more I have in mind.

VOICE Transition Program

Linzey Searles-VOICEStudent Name: Linzey Searles

Mother’s Name: Pam Searles

Father’s Name: Oran Searles

GPA: 4.0

Clubs & Activities: Arts & Crafts

Athletics: Walking

Honors: Leadership in the classroom

Awards: Certificate of completion – Tae-Bo class

Community Service: Volunteer in the community

Significant School Project: Contribution to holiday panorama

Current Employment: Mountlake Terrace Senior Center

Future Educational Goals: To build my vocational skills

Future Career Goals: Custodial


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