State to fund additional Edmonds Fishing Pier repairs

Workers on the Edmonds Fishing Pier in May. (Photo by Wes Carlson)
Workers on the Edmonds Fishing Pier in May. (Photo by Wes Carlson)

Washington State’s Recreation Conservation Office (RCO) and Department of Fish and Wildlife will provide funding to cover the costs of additional repairs needed to complete the City of Edmonds Fishing Pier rehabilitation project, the City of Edmonds announced Friday.

The expected opening date of the fishing pier is now Aug. 16, 2016.

The pier, located north of the Edmonds Marina and built during the late 1970s, encountered challenges during early stages of construction. There was evidence of a significant amount of moisture penetration into the structure’s interior, causing rebar corrosion and concrete deterioration.

The hidden damage increased the scope of the project, as a corrosion mapping testing program determined that over 90 percent of the pier structure beyond the breakwater requires reconstruction of the concrete edges and railing support anchors. New galvanic anodes will be installed along the pier edges and center joint to prevent further rebar corrosion in the future. The revised repair plan will provide the public with a safe fishing pier structure that will last another 40 years, the city said in its Friday announcement.

The cost estimate of the additional repairs is $350,000. The state RCO, Washington Wildlife and Recreation Water Access Program has awarded additional funds to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the City of Edmonds to cover these repairs. In addition, the WDFW allocated an additional $50,000.

“We are very fortunate and grateful to the WWRP Water Access Program and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for their contributions and support to do what is needed to fix the Fishing Pier,” said Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling. “We are excited to complete the construction and reopen this very popular fishing destination on the Puget Sound.”

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